Obsidian making Alien RPG

Haven’t seen it mentioned yet; website is up. Looks like it’s scheduled for 2008.



It was mentionted here:


but it quickly turns into another “bash Rob Merritt” thread.

Anyways, I’m very interested in it. Its an RPG, its sci fi, and the guys working on it are great at characters and story. I just hope Sega beta test’s Obsidian’s product and gives them enough time to finish it.

Next generation gaming systems… So a console game then.

Well sega has been fairly good with giving pc versions of their games as well.

At this point, I’m not entirely sure that Obsidian knows how to finish a game. I’ll probably still check it out, just out of residual love for PST.

I’m pretty much in the same boat. I really really want to love them, but after getting slapped down so many times, I have doubts.

Obsidian is now on the wait and see list. See NWN2. Ugh.

Christ, how much whining can you get from NWN2? It’s like a bottomless well.

Perkins enjoys beating dead horses.

Well, they’ve only produced two games, and they were under the gun on both occasions, from what I can tell. On the other hand, they might have suffered from poor scheduling. Either way, I wouldn’t count them out.

So how have other SEGA produced games turned out? The Total War series has been pretty well-received, hasn’t it? Do you think that having a different publisher will help them in meeting deadlines, or do the production managers at Obsidian just suck ass?

Hopefully the fucknuts can jump down in it and check if it’s on rails or if the camera works better down there. I’ve had zero problems recognizing NWN2, Vampire or KOTOR2 for what they were and taking it from there. OK, scratch KOTOR2 since I never finished it before I ran out of playing-time. No problem with people disliking a game I enjoy, it’s when they make their 30th fucking post about it, often in threads barely tangential that I’m starting to want to see them flogged.

This Alien-Obsidian news sound good. From the statement I think I read something about PC, so hopefully not console only.

I’m curious if it will be a more action oriented RPG ala Oblivion/Bloodlines, a KOTOR style one, or something else…

It isn’t about NWN2. Its Obsidian and its previous incarnations as Black Isle/Trokia. Long history of releasing unfinished games crippled with bugs that were never fixed. NWN2 is just the latest, and one of the more significant examples of this trend. The only reason why its “bottomless” is that Obsidian itself hasn’t discover its bottom.

I have to assume that all three incarnations didn’t share the exact same producers, who are supposed to manage deadlines. Also, isn’t the publisher supposed to keep tabs on development because they have a vested interest in the title making ship date on time?

Just for the record:

Here’s my problem with saying Obsidian was under a time crunch for NWN2…didn’t it take a long time to actually make it to market and get pushed back a year or so from it’s original release date? Call that what you will, but lack of time doesn’t sound right to me.

I LOVED KOTOR2 and I’m actually thinking of picking it up again and giving it another go. It’s just so good, until that last hour of crap.

All I was saying is Obsidian is no longer a must buy for me. I’m not writing them off, but I won’t be buying anything without hearing some feedback or reviews first. shrugs Not many companies are my buy it on release list…

Edit: or what Rob said.

Obsidian was formed in 2003 and announced they were making NWN 2 in August 2004. Not sure when they started work on NWN 2, but obviously they weren’t working on it for more than 3 years; plus they were working on KOTOR 2 too. By comparison, didn’t Bioware work on NWN 1 for 4 or 5 years? NWN 2’s original release date was delayed by one month and is the only schedule delay AFAIK (that was publicly announced, at least), so I’d hardly call that much of an extension.

That said, Obsidian’s battin’ 0-2 for bug-free releases. I don’t know who to blame for that track record, but it’s still a black mark against them.

hmmm…you right about the release dates, my bad.

You were also right about the chock full of bugs theory. Their bad.

Obsidian didn’t have a previous incarnation as Troika.

That said, Obsidian’s battin’ 0-2 for bug-free releases

What was the last bug-free-at-launch PC game that you played? Because for me, so far this century, the entire PC game development industry is batting let’s say 0-100.