Obsolete software categories or hardware


I’m thinking you mean morons at work, which really doesn’t have much to do with obsolete software or hardware does it? We all have them at work, should I just start a laundry listed for each generation?


LOL speaking of generational gaps.



Yes it’s excellent. Makes it very easy to scan receipts and mail. Whenever my bank sends me a statement or whatever I just take a picture, Scanbot converts to a clean color and perspective corrected PDF, and uploads to dropbox. Then I throw out the paper.


Be advised that burning discs still has utility in sectors where security demands restrictions on the types of media used.


Along those lines of burning discs, I remember when iDVD was a huge selling point for the Mac. The ability to effortlessly create and burn a home movie DVD, complete with beautiful menu themes and music, was a wonderful thing back then. You could see in real time how your DVD would turn out before starting the encoding process (which took hours).

I’m not even sure if Apple still maintains iDVD. Probably abandoned it years ago.


yeah but less often since “physical” retail boxes these days contain nothing but a cd key and instructions to download from steam.

funny thing is, when some older games go to digital distro, the dev/publishers no longer have the source code (because of high turnover on studios and shutdowns) and have on a few times resorted to using the pirate nodvds cracks . i really worry for digital preservation of games when the nodvd/gamecopyworld sites go dark.


It’s not for software which is bought, but rather for transferring data onto secure machines.


True, but even I’ve switched to a gigabit network for this purpose.


You can’t connect insecure machines to a secure network.

To be clear here, I’m talking about secure machines in the sense of classified data.


I think there are sort of two categories here. There are things that have been evolved and there are things that have been obsolesced. One could make the case that the USB drive is the evolution of the floppy drive, the same core idea of copying data to a removable drive is still there, and even the same basic mechanics. Likewise the CRT to flatscreen monitor evolution. Whereas CDRs in common usage are basically obsolesced by a combination of MP3 players and streaming services, likewise while one might argue Broadband is an evolution of Dial-Up the connection mechanics have fundamentally changed, we don’t run any type of connectivity software any more.


Can I hit a button to automatically categorize the scanned document?

I setup Google PhotoScan for my mom for family photos. But it seems like organizing is the hard part.


Usenet, for the most part, but somehow it and Forte Agent are still around.
also, I got weirdly nostalgic looking at images of Forte Agent.


I don’t believe you can automatically categorize them, no. I don’t use that functionality myself.