Obsucre Star Trek question

Asking this here because I KNOW someone here is the biggest Trekkie (or -er) ever. PM me the answer if you want to keep your anonymity.

Is there a list anywhere of every actor who ever appeared on Deep Space Nine, including non-speaking roles and extras?

Hey cool, Patricia Tallman.

And yeah, this seems to fit the bill. I’m looking for non-speaking people and I can’t tell for sure if this includes them, but it seems to. Thanks!

I’m not sure but I think that non-speaking roles do not necessarily have to be credited if they are not on screen for a certain length of time.

True, but a quick glance at that listing shows that many of those people were never credited. It’s a very thorough list!

Nonspeaking extras would be too large a list I imagine.

Why, are you looking for the guy who played Morn or something?

— Alan

I know a dude who recently claimed to have been anonymous Defiant crewmember #35433 for four years. Seems to be untrue.

That is pretty obsucre.

I don’t think they would have been given numbers but it could be a casting/ST internal joke.

— Alan

He didn’t literally claim to be #2345978. He claimed to be an anonymous Defiant crew member who was in it on-and-off for four years then died in one of the battle scenes.