Obviously, someone is cheating and is a filthy shit

So, I wanted to register a domain YVNC.COM the other day. It was the 13th, and I looked it up on Networksolutions.com to see that it was available. Sure was. Well, I wasn’t certain at that point that I was undertaking this project - but I decided later that I did want to. I went back, probably 6 hours later, and tried to register the domain…


WHAT? this was wide open just hours before! The .net, .org, .com, none of it was taken. The internet has been around for how many years and nobody has had any interest whatsoever in “YVNC” as a domain name. Suddenly, after I whois it, it gets snatched up?

So, let’s whois it now…

Domain Name: YVNC.COM
Reseller…: Feature Domains
Created on…: 14 Jul 2005 00:00:00 EST
Expires on…: 14 Jul 2015 00:00:00 EST
Record last updated on: 14 Jul 2005 00:00:00 EST
Status…: ACTIVE

Owner, Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact:
Yarra Valley Netball
Dave Britton (ID00196589)
87 Elder St
Watsonia, Vic 3087
Phone: +65.39446090
Email: [email protected]

Yarra valley Netball Club? What? Wow, but what are the odds that this dude would register that weirdass domain on the same day as me? Gosh, he paid for 10 years of it too.

Leads me to wonder if it’s legit or some squatter that is monitoring what people do lookups on and grabbing them before they can register themselves. I mean, really, I should have hit a 10 million dollar lottery with the odds of this being legit.

By the way, if you’d like some wild reading about how domain squatting and expiration drop snatching works, check the two articles I link to on www.blackscienceinstitute.org - they’re nutty.

Yeah I lost a couple of domains. Kind of ticked off that there is no way to get them back without paying randsom money.

I dunno… I’m not sure a squatter would have bothered to create a catchy acronym that fits the domain; they’d just buy it and sit on it. I think you hit the lottery on this one.

Watsonia is in fact in the Yarra Valley, so it seems likely that it’s legitimate. Tough luck. You could always email him and beg for .net

It worked out ok anyway, since I got YVNC.US, which is more “patriotic” for a small town website. YoungsVille North Carolina, USa… eh?

I’m going to use it to terrorize the local political factions.

And here I momentarily thought you going to work on another competitor to VNC, like TightVNC or RealVNC.

I’m almost surprised to hear that every four letter combination doman isn’t already owned in the same way that three letter domains seem to be.

Aszurom, check your pms, or for fun, click on your www link under your post…


D’oh! :lol:

Yeah, if anybody can show me that the domain would sell for enough to make it worth the trouble of re-registering it, I’d do that. However, I’ve moved on to the Black Science Institute and YVNC.US and I think my time is taken up pretty firmly. Besided, I hate video games anymore. I like the idea of it, but they just feel sort of hollow lately, like a twinkie that someone already sucked the filling out of.