Occasional livestreaming [was Live streaming on YouTube and Twitch every Mon, Wed, and Fri at 6pm Pacific!]

YouTube video still works for me.

By way, when he got stuck on that interchange, Tom didn’t just block the road for an ambulance, there was a firetruck in there too, probably on the same emergency call. If Truck Simulator was a roguelike that might be the moment they take his license and make him start a new character.

Tom is the best at breaking copyright law. And at blocking emergency vehicles. :)

And sleeping on the job

With the engine running!


If it’s the third Thursday in May it means that Tom is streaming Old World.

Twitch stream here.

Youtube stream here

Okay, if you were ever wondering why Tom hasn’t written a review for Old World you might want to check out his stream at the 35:00 minute mark. It’s likely that the first minute is likely to be censored due to music being played while he was on a short break.

I would however recommend you give the stream a view. Here is the link: Twitch

Thanks for sharing that, CM.

YouTube hasn’t muted the audio. Here is the link at the correct time: Old World: nearing the endgame with Persia - YouTube

Getting this on that link:


Dammit. It was working when I posted it.

@abidingdude, do you see Tom’s video for Old World on his YouTube page? https://www.youtube.com/c/Quartertothreevideos/videos

If so, go to the 34:40 minute mark and you should be good to go.

That link does work, yay! I caught half the livestream last night but wanted to go back and watch the beginning this morning and got that message. Thanks!

Glad to hear, @abidingdude. That makes me happy and thanks for letting me know.

Closer to 36:00, which is important because 35:00 is still in the “muted” portion of the stream, but sound is back by the time Tom gets into his discussion. Pity about the Youtube vid.

And thanks for the time mark, by the way - I caught the very tail end of this but didn’t hear the whole thing.

Can nobody see the video from this YouTube link? Old World: nearing the endgame with Persia - YouTube

It should have the unmuted YouTube stream.

I get “video unavailable” and the video does NOT appear in the listed videos on QT3’s Youtube page either (the Tom v Bruce one does, but that’s obviously different).

Thank you for the feedback, @vinraith. I’m in Canada and there doesn’t appear to be the same problem. Hmmm. It’s possible that I have downloaded the entire stream and I am currently uploading it. I’ll have a link up in about 10 or so minutes for the download (it’s 1.4gb so a decent sized download) that will be good for two weeks.

No problem in France either

Took longer to get the link up. This should work for two weeks. https://seedbucket.seedboxes.cc/api/share/TF7eHq4NgRhgdGuOyu6W

Thank you, my friend.