Occult Chronicles - Vic davis

Couldnt find a thread on it.

Anyway, day 1. Obviously. Keep em coming Vic.

So, mansions of madness as a computer game? Sold.

Interest level high! Vic, more details please!


I just skimmed the beginning of the update on Vic’s blog, thought it was all about Mansions of Madness, and decided to read it later. Had I realised that he was announcing his next game, I would have been all over it. :)

Anyway, it sounds great. Vic’s been hinting that he might be working on a Lovecraftian game, so I’m not that surprised, but I’m very much looking forward to hearing more about it.

Vic and Lovecraft?

Can someone direct me to the Limited Edition pre-order link?


On Steam this time?

Looks very intriguing! I’ve never played any of his games, but I’ve noticed the fervor they garner from folks around these parts. Are they good in single player mode at all?

Yes, yes they are.

I played Armageddon Empires for some 60 hours +, and I still haven’t touched one of the four alien sides. It’s my desert island game. Solium Infernum is great too – unlike anything else I’ve ever played.

Yes. It depends on which subject matter you like but I would say Armageddon Empires ,Six Gun Sound then Solium Infernum in that order.

You should play Armageddon Empires. It’s single player only, and it’s awesome.

I believe it has vague references to space ships. At least, there’s an alien race, and they must’ve arrived somehow, right? :)


Thanks guys!!!

I really enjoyed the single player in AE but SI’s AI was too weak for me to enjoy :( I do think SI is a brilliant design as a MP game though.

I agree that AE was awesome but SI was sorely lacking in single player. I love horror based games so despite my reservations this’ll be a day one purchase.

All three of Vic’s games have a permanent home in my Dropbox folder. Y’know what I’d like to see? AE on the iPad. I know that this is extremely unlikely, but certainly the game would work well on iOS.

Well, CC is having a sale in which their games are 50% off if you use the promocode, NEVERONSTEAM. I therefore used this code to buy AE, since y’all told me it was the game to get. ;) Can’t wait to try it tonight. :)