Oct NPD for PC: F.E.A.R. outsells Quake 4

Age 3 takes number one spot, followed by Civ 4

Top 10 (by revenue)
MS Age Of Empires III
Civilization IV
Black & White 2
Call Of Duty 2
World Of Warcraft
Quake 4
The Sims 2 Nightlife Expansion Pack
F.E.A.R. Director’s Ed
Battlefield 2

Biggest surprise: F.E.A.R. outsold Quake 4 when you combine the “Director’s Ed” and regular SKU vs. Quake’s “Collector’s Edition” and regular SKU.

Surprising, but good to hear. FEAR is a much better game.

F.E.A.R. also outsold Call of Duty 2 (again when you combine original and collector’s edition SKU’s)

I’m really suprised that Age III outsold Civ 4. At least from my experience, Civ 4 was/is much more popular.

Age was in release for a week longer. It will probably switch up next month.

Age of Empires III was also being hyped for more longer. The Civanon guys should definitely have spent a few million to show their videos on TV, they were awesome :).

I can’t post the actual numbers, but Age 3 outsold Civ 4 by about 35%.

That’s okay, I’m sure someone will x-post the npd numbers in GAF anyway.

I just finished Quake 4. The multiplayer is fantastic. The single player is quite lacking. There were so many great things in there that were just thrown away. Now that I am done with Q4SP, its back to FEAR. At this stage, its no suprise to me that FEAR has outsold it.

How is Quake 4 multiplayer doing? Lots of servers out there? Any jailbreak mods? :P

At the time of posting, Quake 4’s Gamespy stats:

#20. Quake 4
1458 servers, 312 players

Quake 3’s stats:

#9. Quake 3: Arena
1819 servers, 1604 players

I’m wondering if those Quake 3 numbers include all the people playing the recent Xbox open-source port of Q3.

I must commence my plans to convert Q3 players to Q4 players. Its really a lot of fun. Played it at my last LAN party, where we said we would “try it for a bit” and ended up playing it for about 4 hours. This is in a heavy RTS crowd, too.

The level of competition in Q4 is pretty scary. Even on public tourney servers I’m getting my ass handed to me. I’m rusty but I think it’s a matter of everyone else getting better - much better - while I got a bit worse =(

Ditto. :)

At LANs we like doing “ball and chain” matches. 2 on 2s, and you pair up one great player with a poor player (like me). It really evens things out.

Personally, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and full of joy to know that Monolith is finally getting the sales they so richly deserve after making so many excellent but low selling games.

I’m dreaming of ShoGo II

FEAR multi is very similar to shogo.

Probably guys running the game in 800x600 with all details turned down so they get a gazzilion FPS in heavy combat.

Q4 is framerate locked at 60. You can’t get it to go faster. This fixes a bunch of issues from back in Q2 days, where peoples with uber frame rates could do things that others could not.