October 2014: The Wallet Apocolypse

So here are the games on my radar slated for October 2014:

=October 7=

  • Alien: Isolation

=October 14=

  • Borderlands: The Pre-sequel

=October 21=

  • The Evil Within

=October 24=

  • Civilization: Beyond Earth

=October 28=

  • Sunset Overdrive

=No date yet announced=

  • Bayonetta 2


  • Dragon Age 3
  • Battlefield: Hardline
  • Evolve
  • Assassin’s Creed: Unity
  • Grand Theft Auto V Next-Gen/PC

MOVED UP (?!):

  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

… and that’s not counting things I don’t care about, like sports games, etc.

Is this an unprecedented month of plenty? What’s going on here? Is everyone trying to avoid the September Destiny release date?

What are YOU going to buy in October?

Are they really serious about October 7th for Dragon Age 3? Brand new engine and everything? I guess I would’ve expected them to delay it by now, if they needed to.

DA:I is a wait-and-see for me. My interest will depend on how much they fixed the problems with the second game.

Dang, I didn’t realize all of those are out in October. Although I can’t say that I’m particularly interested in any of them, except maybe The Evil Within (and only because I’m curious to see what Mikami comes up with). I’ll probably only pick up Bayonetta 2 in October.

Is this an unprecedented month of plenty? What’s going on here? Is everyone trying to avoid the September Destiny release date?

Not by my reckoning. In fact, I’d say it’s the least appetising October for a while. Partly, I suppose because everyone is holding back so much detail about their upcoming releases that all I have to go on for most of these games is a few minutes of gameplay footage and some feature bullet points.

Alien Isolation is the only one of those that is a more than 50% buying chance at the moment. I remain to be persuaded on AC:Unity, but frankly I’m in burnout phase at the moment (stop with the annualisation, Ubisoft!), and on Sunset Overdrive which looks like it could be fun but maybe not. I have no desire to play a second string Borderlands game and no faith that Dragon Age will return to the depth of the original. The rest I have zero interest in.

Not trying to claim any kind of superiority here by any means, and I’m glad there are a lot of big games coming out that people are excited about, but as someone who mainly keeps an eye on indie releases I realized when you posted this that I don’t do the “can’t wait until X” thing anymore. Instead, I’m constantly surprised by what released today or what free game I missed last week or last year. There are a handful of games which had early access releases that I get excited for when I know a patch is coming in the next couple weeks. Funny how your view of the marketplace and your anticipation changes when your head is in the indie milieu.

It’s all about Shadows of Mordor for me right now. I’ll be picking up Dragon Age and Assassin’s Creed: Unity eventually though.

Shadows of Mordor sounds cool but the stuff they’re talking about will be hugely tricky to pull off in a convincing, immersive, and gameplay rich way and I have no particular expectation that they will succeed to my personal standards.

Bioware hasn’t really been firing on all cylinders since the first Dragon Age launched and 2 was a trainwreck in many ways so Inquisition will be a definite wait and see for me. if they pull it off, though, that’ll be on the list for sure.

I will probably pick up the Pre-Sequel but truth be told I am nowhere near done with Borderlands 2 so it can wait, doubly if it turns out less than brilliant.

I have either no interest in the rest (multiplayer/console only titles) or no particular urgency (the horror games might be good and might not have mechanics that drive me batty but I see no reason to day one purchase).

So, I dunno. It’s a lot of games but then fall is infamously a heavy release season for AAA gaming. And while many of them -might- be up my alley for a purchase at some point, only one would reach my threshold for full price immediate purchase and that one is from a studio that’s lost that kind of faith from me.

Thankfully for my wallet, nothing on that list remotely interests me. That’s probably a good thing, I’ve been buying way too many games this year!

I hadn’t realized October was so full of potentially excellent triple A releases. Thanks for the warning Giaddon. I’ll start saving now by not buying anything in the Steam sale that I’ll probably never play anyway.

My own October list will kick off on the last day of September’s release of Forza Horizon 2. It’s not technically October, but only by a few hours. Most of the games in the original post I’m cautiously optimistic about, so depending on positive word of mouth, I could end up eventually owning them all.

Shadow of Mordor looks very intriguing. I’ll have to see about Alien:Isolation. Not really interested in the sad remnants of Bioware. Assassin’s Creed Unity… maybe, but I’m still played out on AC after the excellent pirate episode.

Evolve is the only for sure buy from me. DA:I is maybe depending on impressions, same for the Lotr title.

Holding out for PC release of Destiny, because it’s nice but I can’t stand playing on a gamepad and play more multiplayer on pc. If it never releases for pc, oh well. It isn’t like I don’t have other things to play.

Thanks for the list. I must have known all those games were coming out some time this fall, but most of the recent stories have been about games being pushed back to or recently announced as 2015 releases. Looks like there will be plenty of new titles to gorge on in the winter steam sale.

So far I only pre-ordered Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor , anything else interesting I’ll grab during the winter STEAM sale (Alien: Isolation , Borderlands, Evolve). I’ll get Dragon Age: Inquisition once the final version with all DLC comes out.

I will probably pre-order if there is a 4 pack for Evolve. Which seems logical.

Also I feel Battlefield Hardline is a worth no more than a $20 dlc. I am really disappointed its being packaged as a full game. EVERYONE knows the campaign will be shit.

I am thinking they have been working on this for awhile now though - I think it was even in production while they were working on DA2, which was… what, 2011?

Just checking the DA:I Wiki it looks like they scrapped plans for a DA2 expansion to focus on this instead, and that was in May of 2011, over 3 years ago. I do hope it turns out well, it’s one of the games that, if done well, could blow me away - and I would be okay with that.

That’s one seriously crowded month. I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of titles slip into 2015. For the time being, it’s all about Shadow of Mordor for me, too. I might check out Evolve depending on how it’s received.

So, never, seeing as Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age 2, and Mass Effect 3 constitute something of a trend of remaining resolutely unbundled. (Or do you just mean when they’ve finished releasing DLC? I guess that would make some sense, even if they never put any of it on sale, which seems likely.)

Another possibility to add to the Wallet Apocalypse: Amazon briefly listed the XB1/PS4/PC versions of GTA V as coming out on October 28th.

Probably none of that for me. If a friend of mine picks up Shadows of Mordor I may play it through Steam sharing, and Shadows of Mordor and the Borderlands thing are both on my “Maybe for $10 eventually” list, but none of it really grabs me. If Civ Beyond Earth ends up being October as well that’s also earmarked for the $10 eventually list, but I’m definitely going to read more about it and it might get bumped up. But given everything I’ve seen and read about it thus far I’m not too keen on it.

Actually looking over the upcoming games list on Steam there’s nothing that has me excited. Only thing I’m really tempted to dump full price on (Which admittedly is $10 I think) is Gods Will Be Watching. Really enjoyed the free version of that, and I’m hoping the version they’re selling will have even more resource management goodness in it. The danger is they might go full indie game and drop all gameplay in favor of trying to be arty by asking you to think about if you want to break that space pirate’s legs, but since the free one was satisfyingly semi-random with tight resource management I’ve got high hopes.

Also interested in Witcher 3 but I’m pretty sure my computer won’t be able to run it so it’s a bit of a moot point.

Its already been delayed once from an early 2014 release date IIRC. It was delayed so they could add in the ability to play other races. From all reports its been in development for 4 years.