October 2014: The Wallet Apocolypse

Now that I might actually buy day and date. Only question’s gonna be quality of the port, not quality of the game.

Same as any other month:

  1. Whatever might be on sale that I have a passing interest in.
  2. Games with spaceships.

Thankfully only one game in your list interests me, the Mordor one, but I’ll get it on sale. ;)

Yeah, I buy almost nothing day-1 these days. A few of those are maybe-eventuallys depending on word of mouth, but I have plenty to keep me busy in the meantime.

I believe the dev team members took the game home during the Christmas holidays and played through it. I know that’s what happened with the original Dragon Age. It’s been feature complete for a while; it’s all polishing and final art assets and testing at this point.

Some exciting things on that list for sure, should be interesting.

On a slight derail note, for me, if Bioware shovels out another horrible DA I’m going to be all but done with them. That’s really a shame, as I used to be a huge BW fan. I felt actually ripped off by DA2. Those environments that looked like someone spent all of 10 minutes in a world editor on them really pissed me off. Given the time since DA2, I can’t imagine the next one is going to be any good. I just can’t see how they could have developed a decent game in that series in that amount of time.

Oh well, we’ll know soon enough I suppose.

The next gen / pc version of GTA V is also supposed to be out in October right? That’s the first thing i’ll be buying that month since I haven’t played it on the current gen.

I would argue that the major faults of DA2 are precisely because they didn’t spend enough time on development (recycled environments, lazy encounter design, severe gameplay and story segregation). The development time of DAI will be at least 2.5 times longer than DA2 by the time its released, so the faults of DA2 should not be present in DAI.

That’s a shame because ME2 is definitely a better game with all of its DLC included, several of which have continuation in the base game if ME3. It’s stuff like this that keeps leading me to the belief that EA sees its customers as reluctant ATMs rather than valued consumers.

On topic, I see about 4 Christmas presents on that list. Likely pick them up on sale from Amazon at Thanksgiving.

Civilization: Beyond Earth comes out on October 24.

That is an impressive list. June 2015 (Summer Steam Sale) is going to be a tough month on my wallet! ;-)

The WoW expansion will almost certainly be out sometime in October. I could lie and say I’m not gonna buy it, but I’m sure that’s what I’ll be playing come October.

For a minute I thought you meant October 2024.

October 2424.

So early access in October 2014, complete game in 2424? Gonna be a long road.

Alien, Dragon Age, ACU and GTA 5 are the ones I am interested in a lot.

Evil Within I am interested in slightly.

But still what a god damn month. And three of these are huge games that will take dozens of hours to play through.

Dragon Age: Inquisition has been pushed back to November. Phew.

Battlefield: Hardline moved to 2015 also.

Only surprise is that it’s just one month.

That’s good though. Lords of the Fallen is October 31st, so I have 3 months to work on my backlog.

Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor got moved up, coming on Sept 30th now. PC version is still in Oct. (Oct 2). They’re all fleeing the wallet apocalypse!

Making me wait 3 extra days… THEM BASTARDS.