October 2014: The Wallet Apocolypse

I believe this now has been moved to September 30th!
+ Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

And this is now a 2015 title.
+ Evolve

The Wallet Apocalypse might actually occur in February of 2015!

Grey Goo, this fall’s sole RTS*, is now an “early 2015” release. :(

*Right? Unless that new SupCom game finally emerges from early access, and that thing looks too flavorless in screenshots and videos for my tastes. It looks like a significant step back from SupCom 2 in that department.

Lords of the Fallen is set for Oct 28th.

This expansion pours a strong “it feels like a new game!” that will attract a lot of ex-wow-ers. Also ArcheAge is not as strong as I trough. I don’t see any other “recent MMO release with fresh smell” nearby, only this expansion, so it may attract some pretty fat horde^Walliance of players. Followed by immediate disappointment. Perhaps.

Wow is old-shoes.

There is speculation that since GTA V’s next-gen port hasn’t really started courting the press yet (for preview write-ups, etc.), that it might be delay until 2015 unless that process starts very soon. So maybe another potential October release gone, at the very least, even if it does make it within 2014.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity delayed by 2 weeks. Time to update the OP again! :)


Interestingly, this means it shares a release date with Rogue (11/9)

Actually, this puts all of Ubisoft’s fall games in the same week – Unity, Rogue, and The Crew on the 11th and Far Cry 4 on the 18th. November Wallet Apocalypse?

With Inquisition moved to November also, its like a 2 month long Wallet Apocalypse!

Predatory Obvious Unfair Asshole Theory:

Strong games push Weaker games down in the calendar. Scared devs of weaker games move them to avoid sharing dates with strong games.

Looks like RYSE will be coming to PC on October 10th.

Don’t everyone pre-order all at once. :p

Psssssssht. I am not that worried about this holiday season for video games. It is the current crop of board games and kickstarters gone retail that have my wallet crying in the corner. It was cruel enough that the video game industry is marketed like a children’s toy as most releases are huddled around September to November. However now that Gencon is the epicenter for analog releases, my fall is getting beyond complicated with cardboard and plastic bits competing with the electronic wallet killers.

I’ve got Super Smash Bros., Bayonetta 2, and Fantasy Life all coming out in October. I guess I didn’t need that $140 for anything else…

After discussing it with my friends over email, it looks like Destiny will be our next social game together over which we’ll catch up on each other’s lives. So that came out of left field. I wasn’t expecting that I’d purchase that this year. So less time and money left now for an October or November wallet threat.

Well, there goes that theory. :)

Ahh yes… GTA5, not even coming out on PC this year… Thanks Rockstar.

Then again, my friend said the reason is to get people to triple dip on it. He said he bought it for last gen, he is getting it again on PS4, and then will probably pick it up for PC for mods and better everything.

Your friend has a problem.

He is one of them console gamers that has bookshelves (like 5 BIG bookshelves) of games in his house. He never trades anything in. :)

Alright, after all these schedule changes maybe apocalypse isn’t quite right. The month has already cost me $120, though, so it’s still pretty severe!

I am at about the same amount with Shadow of Mordor, Borderlands PS, and Civ Beyond Earth.

With Dragon Age in November, but that doesn’t count in this thread. :)