October 2014: The Wallet Apocolypse

November, damn man what a month! I really want to dig into Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age, the AssCreed games are a little lower down on the ladder but yeah want those too. But, Nov 13th is WoW expansion day, so I shall hold no other games above it for at least a month. By the time I’m ready to get into the other November releases I should be able to get them at a nice discount.

You know what we need to do? For those of us who don’t want to pay 60 bucks, we should coordinate “sale day 1” where we grab the same game on sale at the same time. That way we could have all the fun of discussion threads and plenty of multiplayer buddies at a fraction of the cost. Maybe a poll thread when the sale comes out, to see if we have a critical mass ready to buy.

Count me in, Houngan. I was just thinking about that yesterday, in fact.

If Dragon Age 3 turns out to be the greatest thing since cream cheese, I’ll grab it at full price. Otherwise I can’t think of anything else coming out this year that I’m even remotely interested in, other than some Early Access titles I’ve already bought.