October 24, 2011: wallet threat level pink

Title October 24, 2011: wallet threat level pink
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When October 24, 2011

The real wallet threat this week is Kirby's Return to Dreamland. I wasn't aware he'd left, but I'm glad he's back. This is Nintendo platforming at its finest..

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Sword of the Stars 2 should be out this week as well.

"Many an enjoyable night playing some Super Star"? Sounds like a euphemism to me. I trust you and your wife will also have many an enjoyable night "returning to dreamland", if you know what I mean.

Giant Bomb did a quick look with the devs of War of the Worlds last week and it does look very cool. It's connected to the 1953 movie, but set in London and borrowing lots more stuff from the book. It also has Patrick Stewart narrating, which is pretty great. Very cool look to the game, but apparently devilishly hard. CAn't wait to try it.