October 3, 2011: wallet threat level dark

Title October 3, 2011: wallet threat level dark
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When October 3, 2011

Like its predecessor Demon's Souls, Dark Souls isn't for everyone. But to those who it is for, it will be a dire and abiding wallet threat, not to mention a terrible time sink. The game diary begins today. Then there's Rage. Yeah..

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Captain America was quite enjoyable. You should replace it with X-Men: Destiny in your post in the interest of keeping the crappy superhero games together. ;)

I am not familiar with card terminology, so..is my suspicion that jack hight is better than pair of tens correct? Or to be more precise, is Rage good or not?

Yes, because a succesful, fun superhero game will ensure that no company tries to make a superhero game in the near future. Just like how after Halo was released, developers stopped making console shooters.

A pair of 10s is better.

I'm not especially excited about the new Spiderman game. The developer first took on the franchise with Shattered Dimensions, which was about 50% good. That is to say, the levels I played as Amazing Spiderman and Ultimate Spiderman were attractive, fun, and full of amusing dialogues, interesting fights, and plenty of web swinging action. Unfortunately, to get more of those two characters, one had to beat the Spiderman 2099 and Spiderman Noir levels. And however fun those two might have been as comic book spins on an enduring character, the levels in the game were not fun. Noir in particular made me quit playing. Web of Time or whatever this new one is called apparently will switch liberally back and forth between Amazing Spiderman and Spiderman 2099, which sounds like a format for another half-good, half-annoying experience. The time alteration premise is intriguing, admittedly, but virtually no one has done it justice in previous videogaming, and it stretches my powers of disbelief to suggest that a Spiderman licensed game would succeed where so many have failed.

Paul, I want to play poker with you. The higher the stakes, the better. :)

Also, Rage is not good.

I bet you want. I never played poker in my life! :)

And now it seems I might give Rage pass too. At least until price is down.

You should use poker-hand ratings on all of your reviews to see what Metacritic does with it.