Octopath Traveler - Be a Dancer, or a Merchant!


I tried the prologue last night. It seems cool. Very 3ds, but on the Switch. Which is not a knock at all from me. Some questions:

The three hours, is that per save or total? I was playing the knight character, but wanted to toy around with others.

For the Knight, there was a chest in the background on the right side of the mountains that you can see through a hole in the cave. It seemed to be near the big encounter, but I could not figure out how to get to it. Can I get to it?

The combat felt a little repetitive. I basically was hunting the the proper weakness, then lowering shields, then dumping Boost Points. Repeat. Am I missing something?

The game seems to auto level enemies. Does this mean grinding is not a thing unless the player is just behind? That is, doing more random encounters won’t really do much?

Which character are folks leaning towards for their first/main?


I still haven’t beaten the Scholar tutorial / story boss in the demo, and that’s after having restarted with the Warrior, done his story and boss, wandered overland to the next village, leveling up along the way, found the scholar, then did his story with two characters… and I still get my ass kicked. Still, the game has clicked with me so I’ll probably buy it soon. It’s actually considerably cheaper (by 30%) to buy a physical copy (even here) than it is to buy a digital version. Plus I can sell the physical version second-hand, so not seeing any downsides.

  • it is 3 hours per save. You can start a new save with every character however it overwrites so you can only have one save in the demo.

  • I’d imagine you can get to every chest on every map. This game plays with perspective so often it will not seem like there is a path but that’s only because it’s hidden.

  • that is the basics of the combat. Most reviews feel that the combat is the strongest part and there are a few videos out there that go in depth on combat alone. I think as your party fills out and you gain skills the variety and challenge also increases.

  • auto level only occurs in each characters Ch 1, after that they are gated and static with recommend levels ( level 20 for Chapter 2 for example). Enemies in the later chapters will always be at the static level and this has been a point of contention with many reviewers as it forces you to do some grinding to keep up. This is even worse with the characters who are not in you party during battles as they do not gain XP. This means when you swap in a fresh character to your party they will not auto level to match the rest of the party. Many reviewers noted they had to spend considerable time grinding to keep all 8 characters around the same level.

  • I haven’t decided if I’m going to pick this up or not as the lack of cohesive plot and repetitive structure are big negatives for me. However from the demo I did enjoy the Hunter’s capture ability and the Cleric also seemed strong. I would probably go with one of those two.


Reading the reviews really highlights how divisive this game is. It either has really bad writing and plot or 8 very engaging stories, repetitive combat or deep and engaging combat, bland and cookie cutter level design or unique and clever level design. I swing wildly between levels of interest depending on who’s review I read.


On bad writing versus engaging stories, I played the intro sections for 2 characters and had one of each. Markedly different.


Out of curiosity which was which?


Played a bit into the first chapter of the Warrior, shows promise. Pushes the right FFVI nostalgia buttons in some ways. Not far enough into the game to have seen the depth of the combat system. The music is great, and the sound in general is good. I really enjoy the art style, the blend of pixels and 3D is quite enjoyable on the Switch’s screen. Not sure how it’d look on a big screen.


I think it holds up very well on big screens. That’s on 100" using a Dell 1080p projector.


That lools great!

Recruited the Merchant now, also interesting.


Is the only narrative and gameplay difference between main characters the fact that they cannot be swapped out of the party?


I preordered the game based on the demos. I started with the cleric, went for the scholar next and now I have the merchant. I think the game is very good. The combat is fast, but interesting every time.

I have heard there is actually a post credits unlockable dungeon and boss that does in fact tie all the stories together, so the reviews complaining otherwise may have been premature.


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This is definitely interesting enough to be on the list for whenever I get a Switch picked up. Haven’t actually played a JRPG since…forever. 15+ years I think (early high school/late middle school).

Dunno, would a sudden revelation of X thing being behind every apparently unrelated story showing up at the very end (and post credits?) really fix anything about the stories being apparently unrelated in the rest of the game? You have to build those relationships too. Also the Kotaku reviewer says it gives more lore and not actual resolution between the stories.


Is there a gauge to see the enemies health bar or equivalent? I can see my health top right corner but nothing for the group or individual I am fighting.

Either my old eyes are at fault or maybe it is some type of skill?


Enemy HP isn’t displayed anywhere.


One of the Scholar’s abilities lets you see the (current/max) HP of an enemy as well as a weakness.




Does anyone have an idea on what battery life on portable mode is like for this?

Also, how’s the random encounter rate? I remember it seeming a bit high to me during the demo, but that was several weeks back, so I might be misremembering.


Seems like one every screen and a half or so. I am not using the Scholar’s passive that reduces them since I am way below the level requirements for Chapter 2.