Octopath Traveler - Be a Dancer, or a Merchant!

Asked and answered.

I purchased a Switch for this game (this and Golf Story), in fact.

Nice! I hope it lives up to your expectations!

Someone on ResetEra pointed out the first initials of every character can spell out OCTOPATH. LOL, awesome.

Reading some of the comments on the beta, the general sense is that you will eventually have all 8 characters in your party, though I doubt combat includes 8 characters at once so you likely select your “main squad” or something.

When a main character is encountered in your game, you can choose to “listen to their story” which let’s you play their chapter 1 origin (leveled to match whatever party level you are when you do this). You can alternatively listen to this tale later when at a pub or inn, sounds like.

The main character (the one you pick) has a unique story, so while other characters are in your party, it’s your story (not theirs) that you are adhering to. I’m not 100% sure how this works, it sounds like you can play other character’s personal stories/quests when they are in your party as well and that might be you don’t really play 8 times through the game (unless you want to ignore some characters and do their quest from their point of view, maybe).

I think it’d be cooler it was 8 different stories, like Saga Frontier or Live a Live. You guys play Live a Live? Probably one of the most original RPGs ever.


Demo downloaded. Starting my 3 hour journey… NOW

I put about an hour in, playing as the Thief, and I really like it. A lot, so far.

I am an hour in as a Scholar, and just finished my first big fight. You know how in Bethesda (and other) RPGs you can kinda collect 10k potions, because you’ll try to save them all for that one crucial moment you will need them, but that moment never comes and you’ll end the game with said potions because you’re just a compulsive hoarder at heart? Yea, not so in this game.

Do whatever it takes to gather as many consumables as you possibly can, because if that first fight is any indication, you’re going to need just about all of them.

I’m around an hour in as the hunter and she’s really interesting so far. She plays very differently from the Dancer character in the first demo. She can capture monsters and use their different abilities in battle along with her own skills which is very cool. I remember the first “boss” fight in the initial demo being really tough so I made a point of try out all her skills in random battles. When I got to the first big fight it was actually pretty easy once I found the right combination of skills to break and stun.

I’m really interested in how this story is going to work with the 8 characters. Will you always eventually meet all 8 characters no matter who you start with?

There’s a lot that’s wrong with SaGa Frontier, but it does so many cool things with so much style that it’s always been one of my favorites anyways. Now I have to learn more about Live a Live!

As for Octopath, I’ve had it pre-ordered for a while and I think I’m just going to wait until it comes out, but I love seeing what seems like generally positive impressions from the new demo.

Live a Live was only released in Japan, so you have to find a romhack translation to understand anything. A guy called Aeon Genesis made a spectacular one, though. You should look it up. Definitely worth it. It’s not a very long game by JRPG standards, so that’s an enormous plus in my book. Can’t say much more, it would spoil the fun.

I’m putting a pin in any more playing of the demo, because it’s awesome and I’m having way too much fun with it. I pre-ordered this morning, this is better than I could have dared hope so far. Super, super excited for this now!

Played through the demo and am still on board. It has the typical RPG issues of early-game combat being rote due to lack of characters and skills, but I can see the skeleton should lead to interesting decisions once there’s more meat on the bones.

I started with Alfyn, the apothecary, and wandered north to recruit Therion the thief. Which made for a bit of a disconnect in story (“I’m going to use my healing skills to help those suffering from diseases all around the world! What’s that you say, stranger? You need some help breaking into a mansion and stealing treasure? Sure!”)

Medical treasure. :P

I can be… a dancer?

Or a scholar! Or a merchant!

Other classes include:

Dancer in action!

I turned the vignette off right away when I saw the option in the menu, but I wonder if I shouldn’t play with it, I really like the way that .gif looks with it?

Hmmm. You know, I haven’t enjoyed a JRPG in a long time, but I really think they have something special here. I’ve played through the opening for Ophelia and am about to start the Huntress, and I’m really hooked. The artwork and music are beautiful, and I really enjoy the combat system. I can’t believe it, but I am seriously contemplating going in on this one at full price. This demo really sold me.

Those of you who have played multiple characters on the demo which ones have you really taken to? I’m leaning towards the hunter, merchant, or thief just to try new roles in an rpg. Usually I’m a mage or warrior

I only tried the thief but I really liked his first hour.

Anyone know if starting another character deletes a save for a previous character?