Octuplet Clown Car Ethics

So the woman who gave birth to eight kids the other day had six other kids already yet a fertility clinic plopped eight embryos in her. A great time to raise 14 children, maybe she expects her own reality show like the Duggars?

She’s also a single mother living with her parents.

Did a fertility clinic really place 8 embyros in her? I mean, that should be grounds of a state medical board examination for extreme malpractice.

Why is this in P&R? I think it’s great and congratulations to her.

Or is it in P&R because you think that 8 disaffected bitches in Seattle having single babies individually are going to raise more functional adults?

They aren’t.


More soldiers for the fight against Communism!

You don’t know how this works, do you?

To put this snark in context - fertility clinics, as standard practice, implant multiple embryos to increase the chances of at least one becoming viable.

You’re a little late, heh . . .

True, but most responsible fertility doctors aren’t putting in eight embryos, especially when one has had 6 kids previously.

I’m curious who paid for it, as she’s single and living with her mother (who is actually moving out on her, she can’t handle it anymore.) IVF is no cheap procedure, and it’s not usually covered by insurance.

She’s also evidently been obsessed with having lots of children since she was a teenager.

Normally, I could care less about these things, usually it’s a family that can afford it and such, but there’s something kinda fishy about this one.

Overpopulation, whether macro or micro, offends me. And it is even worse when it is on the public dime, which this certainly smells like.

If she really has no significant means of support, these kids are just going to end up in the “system”. How lovely for them. And what the
hell is any responsible doctor doing allowing fertility treatments for someone with no support system (i.e. husband, partner, etc.) and no
visible means of supporting the results?

And the research seems to indicate that two embryos may be enough, and more than four is pretty much asking for a higher chance of multiple pregnancy, not a higher chance of pregnancy in general. Are you allowed (or supposed to be allowed) to go to one of these clinics and request tons of embryos to facilitate huge litters?

Malpractice claims, however, are based on “accepted practice,” which doesn’t always keep up with the latest research. Is it dumb? Probably. Is it cause for a lawsuit? Probably not.

Are you allowed (or supposed to be allowed) to go to one of these clinics and request tons of embryos to facilitate huge litters?

Ethically, don’t have kids you can’t support. This woman seems to fail at that.

I came into the thread expecting a .gif that would both expand my horizons as a person and horrify me. I leave sad, because, really, that’s a Captain Beefheart album title if I’ve ever seen one.

As for the mother, she reminds me of the abusive and obese fellow that I knew who adopted enough impoverished Fillipino children to get a charity van/bus. Unless you make hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly, you can’t take care of 14 children. I won’t give apocalyptic weight to her crime, but you might as well arrest her for child abuse now.

She clearly has a mental illness. My partner says she’s a hoarder. We’d all be better off if she’d chosen cats instead.

Corollary, unless you have a farm in need of child labour, you can’t support 14 children.

Well, the family in that picture above has 18 or 19 kids now, and they’ve been able to do it without living on a farm. The woman in question isn’t in the same situation as that family, however.