Odd boot problem

I just upgraded the CPU in my computer from a Core 2 to a Core 2 Quad. The computer runs great and cool, but I’m having an odd problem upon boots. If I reboot the computer, the OS shuts down and goes to a blank screen, but the power does not turn off or reboot. I have to hold the power button to turn the computer back off and back on.

Also, when I start up the computer cold, the fans will run full blast and the unit will not post. Then, I will power down the unit and start it up again and everything works fine. These things happen without fail, and once started the system is working fine. Anyone have any ideas? It is more annoying than anything else right now. It all started after I upgraded the CPU.

About the first problem see here…
maybe it will help.

Sounds like your PSU is just barely beefy enough. Either that, or your motherboard needs a BIOS update to properly support your new CPU.

Hmm, my PSU is 700w, so unless it is going bad that shouldn’t be an issue. I also just re-flashed my BIOS a couple months ago, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to check for a newer version.