Odd Cowboy Bebop The Movie Question

Just watched Cowboy Bebop The Movie (saved it up for myself after finishing the series a while ago) and it was great but something bugged me. Is Faye raped in the film? When she first gets hit by the virus it seemed pretty clear but it felt very out of tone with the direction. Of course there is another attempted rape later but when I watched it only confused me further. Given that I don’t think it’s meant to be up for interpretation, I’m hoping there’s a concrete answer.

And if the answer is, yeah, she did get raped, then I’m knocking the movie down a peg.

I haven’t watched it in a long time, but I never got that gist from it. The second attack, yes, it seemed like it might head that way, but Vincent (is that his name?) didn’t. The first time wasn’t rape, just a weird method or transferring his blood to her so she was protected from the dirty bomb.

My wife talks about a “rapist alarm” that she has, and it only went off in the scene where Faye had her top cut open. THe only other time in Bebop where it went off was “Jupiter Jazz.”

I don’t believe there was any rape of Faye.

I watch it now and then, now being the other day.

He kisses her against her will, that’s about it. The top cutting didn’t go anywhere, but I know a lot of “we wanna see Faye’s cans” folks were unhappy.

Guess a “rape alarm” is good enough for me. Thanks.