Odd forum behavior (that is not actually interesting)

When I opened the forum today I noticed that all messages are listed as 1m ago. It doesn’t matter much but it isn’t normal behavior.

That is SOOO last minute!

BTW, I’ve confirmed that this is something weird going on in my macbook not on the forum end . Still very odd though.

Apple is known to try overly hard to be the latest and newest of everything, maybe that’s just one step further.

On the subject of odd forum behavior, sometimes when I get to the end of a thread, the suggestions at the bottom sometimes do a thing, which is that it lists threads that I have read at the top of the suggested list with gray number bubbles. I can refresh the page to get unread blue bubbles to work around it. This has been going on for a long time, its not new behavior.

You left that thread while it had unread messages. It’s not always accurate and in my experience the discrepancy is driven by posts added while the page was just sitting there without scrolling activity.

I am pretty sure that is not it. Many times I reach the end of a thread and then a bit later while in a different thread, it will show up with like 20 or 30 unread messages in grey. However if I hit F5, then after the page refresh those threads do not show up ever again.

Starting today it seems like the format of the site has changed. For me the top showing the Quarter To Three headline has the scrollable Patreon label halfway over the word forums. On top of it sort of.

I “refreshed” my Firefox browser today in an attempt to fix a problem that turned out to be caused by Malwarebytes Premium, and when I came back to the forums they looked different, like they’re still stuck in non-widescreen mode, so large amounts of space on both sides are wasted. Is there no way to change that? I looked under my Interface preferences and didn’t see anything obvious. Was it always this way, and maybe I’m imagining it looked different before?

I had a similar issue when I started using the Brave browser. It turns out that I had used Ctrl + previously and forgotten about it.

Ah, you’re right, thanks. I had it at 110% of normal size before, I think. It looks like it did before now.

Oh good. I did update a couple of hours ago, was concerned I screwed something up. Everything looks normal to me.

Hmm, I set it back to 100% because my fonts looked fuzzy the other way.

Ok this one is weird, and not that interesting. Using mobile Android (I haven’t checked on PC), using both the Edge and Chrome browsers. When I click the Home button in the upper left, in the list of subforums, the TV & Books category never changes. The others update with the most currently replied-to topics, but with Books, Comics, TV, Music, it’s always the same three: Order of the Stick, A meta thread…, and Book Thread 2020.

Here’s a screenshot.

Anyone else experiencing a big slowdown? I’m spending more time watching the spinning thing than actual reading. @stusser

Seems fine to me? I am doing some work on migrating to a new host, but didn’t touch the old one at all yet.

Edit: The brief SSL outage just now, yeah, that one was me.

Getting a hang every time I try to access the Next Gen video card thread.

I’m getting occasional spinny wheels and a lot of threads that refuse to update their read status on the forum main page.

Yeah, still happening for me.

That page loaded for me right away. I’m rsyncing 70GB or so of uploads to the new host, that should be done in an hour or so.