Odd Gears of War (yes, the first one) 360 error

I was trying to play Gears of War co-op over Live last night, and ran into an odd error. Within the first five minutes of the game, we were stuck in a room with no way out. We assumed that there was some switch or some other thing we needed to trigger, but couldn’t find anything. Apparently, the game is supposed to have some Locust cut through a door and charge in, but it never triggered.

The room itself is where the two starting paths join - if you do the tutorial (which we were doing) you enter the room from the second floor and go down some stairs to the main combat area. (this is right after you get frag grenades for the first time. If you take the combat path, there’s a firefight on the first floor of the room (which is how you enter). Either way, there’s supposed to be some enemies cutting through the door, and that’s your exit for the room.

We tried first with my friend hosting, and once we realized this wasn’t a particularly boring hunt-the-pixel challenge, he reloaded from the last checkpoint, and that still resulted in the same failed trigger. We tried again - this time I hosted, and we took the combat, rather than the tutorial path, but same error. Finally, when I reloaded from the last checkpoint, the combat triggered and we were able to play for the next three hours with no problems.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions on how we could avoid it in the future?

I don’t know how to fix it but the tutorial level is optional so you should be able to just skip it. The only reason you need to do it is for the achievement of completing every level.

I remember the room you’re talking about - perhaps you need to take cover to trigger the event? I don’t have GoW anymore so I can’t see exactly what’s going on.

Probably a borked autosave.

We tried both taking cover at the same time, moving to the back of the room, and all sorts of other things, but nothing triggered the event. When we finally got it to trigger, it didn’t seem as if we did anything different.

Yeah, that happened to me in my first coop playthrough. We just restarted the game and tried again with no problems.