Odd movie categorization at best buy

I was searching for Europa 1400 and noticed the movie “Europa, Europa” was listed in comedy collections.

Now, for those of you that haven’t seen the movie, it’s the knee-slapping recount of a young jew who escapes the holocaust by first joining the Russians, then becoming a part of the Hitler Youth. It has the hilarious recounting of his attaching a cord to his foreskin to stretch it out again and his penis becoming infected. It also features the rib-tickling “loss of your family and friends due to genocide” schtick. Whooo, what a hoot.

I also checked to see if Requiem for a Dream was listed in kids and the DVD of Stalingrad was listed in musicals. Sadly, they weren’t categorized as such.

Was Kids in the kids section?

Yeah, I busted a gut when I read about Auschwitz. There were these gas chambers and… get this… they actually gave the jews soap before they put them in the “showers”. HAHAHAHA

Aw man. I feel morally unclean.

Did you look at some of the other movies listed in the Comedy collections?

Like Clockwork Orange and Freddy Vs Jason, amongst others.

You could make a case for Freddy Vs. Jason, though.

Driver monitoring system

A Clockwork Orange had some timely black humor.