Odd PC behavior

Six weeks ago or so, I helped build a buddy build a new i920 system with a P6T mobo, a 285 GTX video card, and a 1000w power supply. Since we built it, the thing has worked flawlessly.

Two days ago, he went to “wake” it from sleep mode, and while the computer tower itself came to life, the monitor still read “no signal”. He eventually was able to get things back up by hitting the reset button after unplugging the monitor cable. He also noticed that it took forever for the OS to recognize the keyboard and mouse he has plugged into two of his USB slots.

Today his computer is acting worse. Again, the tower comes on, all fans and all lights…but the monitor reads “no signal” and the lights on his mouse and keyboard don’t come on at all.

Any ideas? Power supply? Motherboard?

Is it getting through POST? Can you decode the beeps if any?

I had a problem where my system was crashing and losing signal. Turned out to be the cables between the power supply and the video card shorting. I also had a problem where it wasn’t even getting through POST. Just the fans running on high power with no activity. Turned out to be a similar problem.

Sounds like an issue with hibernation. I’d have him take the PC off hibernation for a few days. Just shut it down when he’s done, or if that’s not OK for some reason then just set the Power settings in Windows to turn off the monitor and hard drives after 30 minutes without actually going into hibernation.

If it turns out everything works fine when hibernation is removed from the equation, then you may want to look for an updated BIOS for the motherboard (check the manufacturer’s support site). Since you describe issues with both the video subsystem and the USB subsystem post-hibernation it sounds like it’s simply the chipset not routing the power back to those subsystems on wake up.

We think we found it. Since I was trying to help him build this sucker on a dollar sign budget, we went for 3 sticks of 2gb ram. Moving the sticks around got it booted up, and the system only recognized 4gb total instead of 6. My theory: the ram in his first bank was kaput.