Of all the things Map Quest offers

This is the most ridiculous:

Heh, yes it’s silly, but click it anyway. I like that MapQuest is free. How much longer do you think that will last?

Besides, you’d think gaming geeks would like bookstores and donuts :).

And everyone likes a jiffy lube! ;)

I am always surprised by what advertising people take offense to.


I’m not sure why I would need to know where Borders is on my trip, but Krispy Kreme is another matter. They used to have McDonald’s signed up, which was great for planning day trips with the kids.

If you like to feed your kids nitrate-and-grease-soaked poison, and train them to eat shit the rest of their lives.

You’ve apparently never watched a kid “eat” a Happy Meal. They ignore it, play in the play area, and then throw away the food & keep the toy.

Aw, i wuz just tryin’ to get your goat, paw.

I didn’t particularly take offense to it, I just thought it was pretty odd. Never in my life have I been looking up directions and said “Man, I sure would like to go to jiffy lube on my trip. OOOO BORDERS!” Just thought it was kinda funny

LOL, I have to show my wife this thread. We didn’t really think our kids were the only ones who did this, but we were suspicious.

Yeah, I can see the donut place, but Jiffy Lube?

They have advertising space, they need fairly big national advertisers that have multiple locations per city. McDonald’s are not hidden and hard to find, they are plentiful, chances are you would not have to go out of your way to find one so you don’t need that type of advertiser.

Why donuts appeal to you - others might find jiffy lube helpful. They are the same class of advertiser. Remember, this is not some little ad on the back of a bus, this is an ad on a site that reaches 10s of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people ever day. I would say this is just as much about branding as it about actually being helpful.

And I am still mystified why this even raises a question. People go out of their way to be annoyed with advertising on the net.

I know what you’re talking about. I always used to wince when watching tv with my old roommate. He’d bitch and moan about rediculous shit, and boy it was tough watching COPS around him too. Never cared much for that show, but he’d sit up and shout “YOURE VIOLATING HIS RIGHTS!!!”

He’s my friend, but I don’t miss living there.

I was just joking around with the Jiffy Lube thing, you know. I suppose I didn’t really view it as an ad, I saw it more as a service that was being offered to Map Quest users.

Just struck me as funny. Funny ha ha, not funny queer.