Off line game like Asheron's Call

The kid next door wants to play Asheron’s Call, but he doesn’t have an Internet connection. I’m not that into RPGs. Isn’t there an off-line equivlent that’s pretty decent that I could suggest he try? He’s pretty new to computer games.

I’d say Morrowind is the closest you’ll get to a MMORPG without an internet connection.

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Morrowind. Though he might complain that it’s too short (50+ hours) and too much to do, compared to an MMORPG… and cheaper. Also, no one begging him for buffs or loot.

Great, Morrowind it is. He’s young enough that I almost feel like a pusher.

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I agree with the suggestion of Morrowind, but make sure that the kid has a beefy machine – MW takes quite a bit of power to run acceptably.

It is a great game, though.

umm. I just read about the sys requirements in Bill’s review over at GameSpy. He is going to have a decent CPU/RAM combo (1.2Ghz/256 PC133 SDRAM), but his video is an old Voodoo 3 card. I cannot recall if they compare favorably to the GeForce2 mentioned in the review.

What do you guys think?

With a MB/CPU combo like that, I’d think the Voodoo 3 will get him by just fine.

You might want to see if there are any “issues”, as Voodoo 3s are sometimes…flaky, but that’s mostly just with stuff built off the Quake engine. (Had a nightmare getting Jedi Knight 2 to work on my wife’s machine because of this…)

But I’d say it shouldn’t be a problem.

You can’t possibly be serious! Morrowind is a really sucky game. Maybe I’m just too used to the Blade of Darkness style of combat, because I was compltely disgusted with Morrowind where I have to fight things that look like… undefined shapes. I don’t know what else to suggest as an offline RPG, but definetly not Morrowind. Blade maybe? But that’s not a RPG.

Hey, it looks like wumpus found us!


Heh. That’s what I was thinking when I read that.

There are also the older Elder Scrolls games that would work for the purpose. If you can find copies, there are also Dungeon Hack or the Might and Magic games.

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Just wanted to respond to the last message chronilogically and bring it back.Long may the old messages live!!! :twisted:

Just wanted to respond to the last message chronilogically and bring it back.Long may the old messages live!!! :twisted:[/quote]

Man, don’t you have planes you should be pretending to be flying, or something?

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Then you should be spending your time on the old boards.

Also, chronilogically is an interesting misspelling.

Deliberately raising undead should be a bannable offense.

Try ADOM. Runs on any PC.

It’s also completely awesome. ADOM and Princess Maker 2 are two of the only games I keep coming back to year after year.

I’d actually recommend the windows build of ZAngband:

You’ll need to get the TK toolkit, so it’s probably way to hard for a neighbor kid to get working, but it’s the greatest thing ever.

If he wants to “explore” an empty, pointless world, though, instead of playing a blood-soaked dressup and collecting game, yeah, it’s Morrowind.

It’s been a year and a half since this thread was started; he’s probably moved on to bigger and better things.