Off to Vancouver!

I just found out that I’m headed up to Vancouver this weekend for 2-3 weeks to do some work on a movie that will be filming up there.

Not sure where I’m staying yet, but I’ve never been to Vancouver or even Canada before, so I’m psyched. I hear it’s very nice.

Anyone got any tips for me on what to do in Vancouver, or on the Canadian “experience” in general?

Buy some pot. The weed in BC is seriously, seriously great.

Take my wife out to a nice Chinese dinner.


Try not to get cornered by all the ex-pat Brits who’ve been living there for 20 years, own their home and two cars, have put their kids through college and still, when they hear a U.K. accent, have to twist your ear for an hour about "…how much better it is over 'ome,

Otherwise, have fun, it’s glorious!

Stop by the Battlestar Galactica set.

No, wait. Don’t!

Bring an umbrella. We’re two days away from breaking our consecutive days of rain record (28). And if you’re going to North Vancouver in particular, watch out for potential mudslides.

Other than that, enjoy!

Get high all the time!

Bring money.

Vancouver may be cheaper than San Francisco, in terms of rent etc., but you’re paying 15% tax on every thing you buy. It’s fucking gay.

Go to a strip club. Seeing 2 chicks on stage going down on each other = the win.

Also walk around random neighborhoods and try to find the whore houses. They are all over the place and they are in the place you least expect to see them.

I’ll second the suggestion about bringing an umbrella. The Pacific Northwest is drowning this winter, way more than usual. I live in Portland and we’ve been going on 4 weeks of steady rain with nary a glimpse of sunlight. The kickass telescope that my wife bought me for Christmas is standing in the living room, taunting me.

On the positive side, Vancouver is fucking beautiful rain or shine.

You know,that was sort of what happened to me on one of my trips there. Prositution is legal in Canada, but running a brothel isn’t, and there was no mistaking the HUGE sign on this building. Strange.

Holy shit, are you people talking about Canada?

Prostitution isn’t legal in Canada. Possibily in Winnipeg, from what I’ve heard. But it’s not legal in BC, that’s for sure.

Also, the strip clubs in Van suck some serious ass, if you’ve ever been to real one, say like the ones in Montreal or Florida.

Go to Stanley Park, for a walk along the water. It might be a little cold, so bring a jacket.

Prostitution is legal. Soliciting prostitution is not.

Basically what it boils down to is that there is no law on the books that makes prostitution illegal. But just about everything about it is illegal such as, living off the avails of prostitution, the above mentioned soliciting, running a common bawdy house, etc.

Stanley Park is a nice place for a stroll around. If you are into skiiing, you can always make a trip up to Whistler. Wander around the Chinatown, or go a bit further to see the druggies lolling around on Hastings. I found Vancouver to be quite nice just to walk about.

Come on down to Seattle for the qt3 get together in 2 weeks!