Office Chair Of Choice?

Well my damn chair is falling apart and so I guess it’s time for a new one. I’d like to keep it under $200. Anyone have anything good to recommend? It needs to be comfortable for long stretches of gaming of course. =)


I like my Mirra chair. It’s a little more expensive but has a 15 year warranty.

One of these things is not like the others . . . . :)

Mirra’s are nice, I’m happy with my Aeron.

Oh wait, under $200? Hmm… even Mirras are above that unless you can get a vendor discount.

Mesh-backs seem to be all the rage these days… honestly it’s hard to recommend one over the other as they are very much personal preference. Best thing to do is to try 'em out one by one. See how well you “slide” in the chair and whether or not that’ll be physically uncomfortable. If you need lumbar support that can be a big plus…

Don’t just consider Office supply stores, quite a few other places that do furniture can have good finds as well.

— Alan

I use this, but it may not hold up for marathon gaming sessions. It’s in your price range and is fully adjustable, and has a high back so you can loll your head on it while playing.

You say this like they’re close. The one I looked at was $900! Am I missing a place that sells them for like $600 less than that?

I’d pay $300 at this point for an actual comfortable chair I think. Or for a USB -> Bluetooth adapter that let me use my stupid wired game doodads wirelessly, at which point I’d hook my computer up to my HDTV and use it from the couch.

No kidding. I like my Aeron (which I’ve had for about six years), but good luck finding either a Mirra for under $550 or an Aeron for under $700 that isn’t used.

With vendor discounts you can get a Mirra for around $350-$450 roughly, depending on who you go to (my brother is an architect and they get discounts like this all the time).

List however… yeah they are expensive. You can always try Ebay :)

— Alan

I was tempted to buy an Aeron for my “office” at home, even though my wife was appalled at the $1,200 CAD price tag. In the end, I wound up buying a very comfortable chair from Costco for $240 CAD. It fit me well, with good lumbar support. The Aeron was more stylish, and more comfortable, but it wasn’t $1000 worth of more stylish and more comfortable.

Well hey, hook Drunk up with your architect brother and float him the extra $150-$250.

Bingo! That’s the answer I’m looking for. =)

All I need is an extra $200 and I’m in on the QT3 group-buy too!

(Though thanks for the mention of vendor discounts, Alan. Forgot my mom works for a business that does something similar enough I might be able to go through her when the mass purchase of 25+ $400 office chairs from the QT3 pool inevitably falls through!)

That’s one avenue too; companies that buy in bulk are sometimes willing to sell you the chair or whatever on spec, so it’s cheaper.

— Alan

As for buying a Mirra used, I don’t think you get the Herman Miller waranty if you don’t buy it new.

The back on my Mirra broke after a year and a half. The online place I bought it from ( fedexed me a replacement without any problem.

Go to an office supply place that sells real office furniture. (ie not Office Depot, etc.) Tell them all you need is one chair, and it doesn’t need to match jack. Ask if they have a room of discontinued, display, etc chairs. That’s how I got my $900 Hon chair for $150.

The Ikea Procent is good enough for me, so it’s good enough for you.

I can’t believe you guys are talking about $900 chairs. My rent has never been that much.

So my aeron broke last night. Bought it in 1998, and it’s been through many, many years of hard use. Its time had come. A screw popped loose on the left side and without support the graphite seat torqued and actually snapped like brittle glass. Totally obliterated. I was pretty upset, until I called herman-miller and was informed that it had a twelve year warranty. I just took it in to be fixed at the nearest authorized service center seven blocks to the north, and I’ll get it back tomorrow. They’re fixing, well, actually mostly replacing, my nine year old chair. Without a receipt.

Yeah, it’s an $900 chair. But they stand by their product. It’s worth it.

I love my Aeron at work. I never notice it. I am always comfortable.

I have a life chair at work, because the aerons were deemed too “dotcommy”. The life is pretty damn nice, but I like the aeron better.