Office Chair Search, the 2021 addition



I’m 6’1" and overweight, which puts me toward the top of the B frame, but I have no real complaints. Haven’t sat in a C, though. Hey, craigslisters can’t be choosers. $350, come at me.

I am about 6’1 and 250. Is he B a good fit? It’s hard to find Cs.

Like I said, no complaints. My ass doesn’t like overflow the seat or anything, and I can set the seat/arms/lumbar to the appropriate heights.

I’m 5’7" and overweight, also in a B frame. The larger frames have more room side to side if that matters.

I am now the proud owner of a Leap V2.

I went to 2 chair places. The first had Leaps that were kinda sad, but two sold Aeron I was able to sit in. I liked them, but also had a lot of concerns about the height of the back. The gotcha with me is I’m 6’2 or so, but I have the torso of someone who is 6’5. All my height is in my torso. What I didn’t like is my shoulder blades were close to the top of the back of the B Aeron.

The 2nd place had Leaps that were, well, leaps and bounds over the other place. Just a better quality chair. They also had a B sized Aero, and the sales guy commented I’d probably be more comfortable in C. What I loved was the lumbar support. It was missing the adjustable lumbar support, and didn’t have some of the tilt locks etc.

They also had a Steelcase Amia with the mesh back. I liked that one a lot, but the same issue with the back height. My Celle chair was the perfect back height for me.

I kept coming back to the Leap chair and got it. If money was no object, I’d probably get an Aeron C but they are hard to find.

Can I expand this topic to general furniture? I’m trying to find that middle ground of quality vs cost. Something solid like what I’d get at Jordan’s Furniture, but not as fancy or pricy. I’ve shopped discount chains before (Bobs) and that shit falls apart after a year. IKEA is hit or miss. I’m in buy it for life mode here.

I do need a chair too!

Congrats! I’ve been overall impressed with every Steelcase chair I’ve sat in, so your rear is probably in good, er, hands.

Go to Jordan’s. You can either find something in clearance, or they have just about every chair (except good office chairs) known to mankind. I bought a small recliner for my office a few years ago for $749 that is amazing and supports my fat ass quite well. Everything I have bought from them takes abuse and holds up well.


I like it. It’s going to take a little getting used to since the old chair I sat in for 16 hours a day, but I am digging it.

I was so close to getting an aeron when I realized my cat would destroy it in no time. So, time to start looking for a steelcase.

Yeah? My two little idiots have not been interested in my Aeron. They attack plenty of other things, but not the chair.

When I’m done with this secret lab chair, my next will definitely be a Herman Miller Aeron.

I’ve had one cat and two dogs in the lifetime of my chair that could all get into the chair. None did, none even liked it. They MUCH prefer anything with a solid and pillowed seat.

Wish I could offer advice. Many years ago I bought an entire houseful of very high quality US name brand stuff (Drexel Heritage, Burlington, Vaughan-Bassett.) Now? No way in hell. Most of them aren’t made that high quality anymore if even made here, and the price of discount furniture is so low you could by 3-4 sets of things to make up the difference. Only on really used items would I suggest spending a lot unless you’re going for high decoration/design. We spent ~ $2500 USD on a sectional a few years ago and I consider that a discount. We also walked into a shop that sold high end, not too much different for about 10K, just for the couch. Granted, it was drop dead gorgeous leather and absolutely a centerpiece even though it was seating. But we have dogs. No way in hell that was going to fly.

My recommendation is, and likely always will be, Ergohuman:

I think the advice to ‘try before you buy’ is a little flawed. You’re not going to get a clear picture of long-term (dis)comfort without sitting in a chair for at least an entire week*. I’m also of the opinion that if you’ve been sitting in a ‘bad’ chair for a long time, switching to a ‘good’ chair may well end up feeling uncomfortable in the short term.

* Well, not an entire week. I’d recommend taking short breaks to sleep or defecate away from the chair as needed.

Nice! Thank you, Adam. I’m glad to see I’m still a B despite being quite a few pounds overweight for my height.

If it’s a mesh seat I suppose you could fit some kind of receptacle below the seat to catch the effluence.

A few months ago - when it looked like mainly WFH would be a long-term thing for me and I didn’t want to sacrifice my back to the cheap Ikea chair I was using - I bought a Herman Miller Mirra 2, and I love it. I can spend all day sat on the chair without noticing it, no aches or pains. It’s cheaper than the Aeron, and I think the 12-year guarantee they come with swung it for me - as a show of confidence in the quality of their product it’s impressive.

I have the Humanscale Freedom, which is a very similar design, but it has a unique counter balance system that may not work for heavier/larger individuals. I love mine, I can and do sit for 8+ hours on it with zero issues.

I never had back pain until I turned 40+, and I never do today unless I am at a remote location and sitting in some random chair, including way too many Aerons. After 2+ hours other chairs just start to bother me. So I get your point, just sitting down for a brief test doesn’t tell you much. Really want a good return policy.

15% off Herman Miller online store:

For Canada:

(I got mine from Gabriel Ross in Canada at where they are having a 15% HM living room sale but not on the office chairs apparently)

Man, if only that stacked with the living room furniture they’re already showing at 15% off, I think I’d finally pull the trigger on an Eames lounge chair and ottoman.