Office for iOS/iPad

Best office suite on mobile, best office suite of 2014, or best office suite ever? It’s certainly my favorite version of Word. Just needs endnotes.

I didn’t even know this was a thing. I’ve got an Office-compatible app on my iPad for reading things like spreadsheets, but I confess I don’t use it all that often. When I’m doing Office-related stuff, I need resources that aren’t available on my iPad. For stock analysis, I need Excel and several browser windows open. For serious document layout, I need to position images in my Word document, which means I need the images and image editing tools, and I have trouble visualizing doing precise layout on my iPad.

I suddenly find myself doing a lot of writing by necessity now and i enjoy writing more on the iPad than i do on the full screen computer. Previously at work i mostly relied on OpenOffice/LibreOffice as my demands for spreadsheets were not too demanding; at least, i never ran up against a formula or table LibreOffice couldn’t handle. I do miss split screen in iOS, true. Also the Review mode in Word stretches the resolution of the iPad to the breaking point, but it does work just fine. I just find the iPad an ergonomically superior composition tool than virtually every laptop, and i spend most of my day at a workstation anyway, and mobile Word has surprised me with the clarity of the interface design and the relative robustness of its features. I haven’t dug around much yet in Excel, and i’ve tended to use Asana/Evernote instead of OneNote thus far, but Powerpoint works just fine as well. It’s just one more feather on the pile of making the iPad a true laptop replacement.

FYI if you want to use it the cheapest way is through Amazon:

$63 for a year subscription for 5 people - 5 different accounts with access to the iOS and Windows/Mac OS desktop suites, and each account also gets 1TB of OneDrive storage.

iOS 8 doesn’t sync with Macs until Yosemite? OneCloud shrugs at your problems.

Thanks for the heads up on the subscription plan.

I’m starting to use Excel now and i think i’m in love. Also I read a lot about being unable to add notes to Powerpoint? Yet I found adding notes to Powerpoint with a keyboard case is very straightforward once you’re in Slideshow mode.