Office365 Impressions

No you’re right, offline access is the one major gap between it and Google Docs.

I did not know that. I’ll have to look in to that. Thanks.

I guess that this probably works for my education discounted Office 365 subscription. It’s a nice bonus.

MS is giving unlimited OneDrive storage to all Office 365 subscribers.

They just raised it to 1TB per user 4 months ago. Now they’re going “fuck it, we’re giving it all.”

They also upped the file size limit to 10GB. I’ve always used Dropbox and dabbled with Box, but my sub to Office 365 has made me dump Box completely (file size limit was really annoying with the free version).

Tempted to go with Office 365 Home (the one with five licenses). Is it easy to revoke / reassign those licenses through upgrades and the like? I’d have loved to use (free is nice!) but not being able to save a document locally is a killer (unless I missed something – that’s a bigger issue for us than online only). Any decent deals going on for this now beyond the normal $100/12mo. one? Oh, wife and two kids are both active Office (Word/Excel/Powerpoint) users, whereas I’m more casual. I guess I could go monthly until a few months from now when my daughter gets her college e-mail address. Oh, do they all go through one Microsoft account or does each person need a separate one? Thanks!

Edit: Ah, scratch the student edition – that is just for my daughter and wouldn’t extend to the rest of the family, who still need it, so we might as all just go with the $100/12mo. one.

Odd, Microsoft’s site is still mentioning 1TB per user. Has this not rolled out yet (not that it matters, 1TB is plenty, but still…).

Edit: So sorry for the spam, but… I’m getting my wife a Surface 3 on Cinqo de Mayo (release day) – it comes with a year of Office 365. I’m assuming that is Personal (1 user) and not Home (5), right?
Edit again: Yep, Personal. Bummer.

It’s totally easy. You log into your account on the Office page and you have remote control over all the installations. It’s easy to deactivate an install.

I re-upped last year and found the 5/user for about $70. Considering one of those is a friend, I charge 'em $20 and it’s a pretty good deal. Especially with the OneDrive storage.

Awesome to hear that management is easy. There is a fulfilled by Amazon for $75 for a keycard – any reason not to go that route? Bummer the download price is $100.

Nope. Basically what I do. Just have to associate the product key with your MS account, and bingo, Office 365 for 365 days.


There was a trick in which if you bought a months subscription to home edition with the account t with personal edition, it upgraded it to home edition for all of them for the whole 13 months.

I have a year of Office 365 and so far I am liking it.

One question: I pushed my one note stuff to one drive; dies it automatically save everything both locally and on one drive? I am trying to discern if I have to do something to make that happen?

Mine was jacked up to 10 TB shortly after the announcement, but it doesn’t say “unlimited” yet. Of course, 10 TB for me is pretty much going to last long enough that I’m not going to concern myself with the lack of an “unlimited” storage.