Official Chrome Extensions Gallery Is Up!

So with version 4.0 of Chrome (now in beta but a full release should be out soon), Chrome has extension capabilities. However, Google to this point, had not set up an equivalent to Mozilla’s add-ons site so people resorted to places like (currently down). Now the official extension site is up. It’s interesting, they’re allowing ad blockers but not copyright infringing extensions like video downloaders (that would download from say Youtube). So there is still a place for third party sites but so far I’m very pleased with what’s already up there.

AdThwart is the adblocker equivalent of Adblock Plus (it uses the same EasyList filters) but currently all it has is a on/off feature. Until I can tell it to not block my favorite sites, I’ll pass. The RSS extension is fantastic (as are all of the official extensions from the Chrome team).

I tried installing the Beta, and while there’s no indication in the “About Chrome” dialog, I do have the option to install extensions. The only problem is when I do, it shows a little “Loading” box and then nothing else. After about 2-3 minutes, Chrome crashes.

I’ve tried searching for people having the same problem but nothing’s come up. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed Chrome half a dozen times, to no avail.

Has anyone gotten it to work? What did you do? Has it given anyone problems? How did you fix it (if you did)?

I’d just wait for the stable build then. It’ll be out before the end of the year.

Works for me. I’ve added 4 or 5 extensions so far. Best I’ve found is a “share this” extension that allows me to pick the target social site on which to share the link.

And Adthwart isn’t the only ad blocker up there. I’ve seen at least 3, so far, in the lists.

But I wannit nooooow.

Are you running Win7?

I am and it is working. 64 bit in fact.

I have to say, I’m preferring Chrome’s extensions system more than Mozilla’s. Feels faster, more intuitive.

Blar. Me too.

I wonder why it won’t work for me. I’ve done full uninstalls and still had no luck.

AdThwart seems to work pretty well, but is there a way yet to set it to not operate on certain sites?

Not yet.

Post if they ever have an extension like tabkit, otherwise I’m staying with Firefox :) Chrome’s use of tabs is boring and not very utilitarian.

Xmarks for Chrome Beta (90) - 12,264 users
Xmarks for Chrome Beta is a beta preview of Xmarks for Chrome.


tabs boring? do they need to shoot fireworks and sing a song?

downloaded beta chrome. windows asked me what program to use to open the crx files, i chose chrome.

hit install on the google email extension, asks me to save the .download file, then the popup bar at the bottom asks me to hit save again. it then opens another tab asking me to save, going on to repeat the previous stuff i just described. multiple copies of the crx file gets saved, none of them install the extension, instead they open a tab that downloads another copy of itself.

same on another extension i tried.

so far, sucks.

How many extensions are you running in Chrome vs. Firefox? Also, how is the system in Chrome more intuitive? Finding and using addons in Firefox never struck me as something that was anything less than simple.

They need to organize my usual collection of 80 plus tabs. Tab kit does this wonderfully.

Add ons was the only thing from Firefox I missed (I still made the switch, because I never bothered that much with add ons and whenever I’d finally found a bunch I liked, then an update to Firefox broke them).

Even if/when extensions are finally fully working, I don’t think I can move to Chrome completely until they start supporting color profiles. Which sucks because that’s really the only thing keeping me from leaving Firefox behind.

80+ tabs open at once? Does your computer have 90GB of RAM?

I switched to chrome at work because firefox was slowing down trying to handle the 4-6 I usually keep open. Granted most of them were absurdly javascript heavy, but I still don’t see how you can do 80 if I had trouble with 6.

Works well for me, on XP.

I’ve never really been a Firefox user, though; I use Chrome on my netbook for the same reasons I use Safari on my Mac (speed, system load, minimal interface). As such, I don’t have a whole lot of experience with extensions, so maybe my “wow, I can click a little icon just for my Facebook notifications!” reaction isn’t all that helpful. They do work, though.