Official Chrome Extensions Gallery Is Up!

Hmmm… just installed Forecast Fox and Gmail notifier in Chrome. Very simple - picked the extension, hit install and it did. No need to restart Chrome to get them to work.

In typical Chrome fashion, I get no real options with either (first two I’ve tried) - I can’t choose to place Forecast Fox on the bottom of the screen and show X number of days, etc. like I can in Firefox, and I see no options for sounds to notify me when I have email in Gmail with the Gmail Mail Checker (so I’m not really sure what the function really is.) Hopefully that won’t be the trend in Chrome extensions. But this has me trying Chrome again.

Anybody find something similar to tab mix plus? I really need when closing tab go back to last selected tab.

Still no dedicated logmein plugin or silverlight support. I’m sure both will show up soon enough.

OK, help me with this one, please.

In Firefox I can subscribe to RSS feeds and they show up on my bookmarks tool bar - I can click the bookmark and get the RSS dropdown, then click on a headline to open it in Firefox.

I added the RSS extension in Chrome, but it appears all it does is let me subscribe to an RSS feed and open it in Google Reader. Is there a way to get the functionality in Chrome? I use this enough it’s a dealbreaker.


This is the only tab behavior that makes any sense, yet it’s not supported in any browser natively.

There’s a mouse gesture extension. Finally!

Not yet.[/QUOTE]

Actually that feature is present (for me anyway):

The icon seems to disappear on https pages/sites, though.

Not as many features, but there’s TooManyTabs.

Just began the switch today, finally, and everything’s working great so far. Personally, I’m waiting for the equivalents to Firefox’s Foxytunes, Smart Bookmarks Bar, Copy Link Name and Firebug (or even something simpler and stable, like Web Developer) before I fully switch from FF.

Edit: found a few of the missing features in core functionality, yay. Added to my wishlist: NoScript.

Yeah, the developer updated the extension with it. Good.

Oh wait, I don’t need an equivalent to Firefox’s FaviconizeTab afterall - it’s already built into Chrome (“Pin tab”). And to undo a closed tab in Chrome you hit Ctrl-Shift-T, right-click on the browser window or right-click on another tab to invoke an undo option.

Huh, looks like NoScript may not be feasible any time soon. Same with YouTube downloading. All for fairly obvious reasons.

Wired: Chrome Extensions Are Cool, But They Can’t Match Firefox

Having had NoScript for a very long time, the idea that I might have to ditch it feels a little funny.

Hey, I found a solution to all these problems: Use Firefox.

I know Chrome is fast and use it as a backup when Firefox is bogged down for whatever reason, but why would anyone willingly give up all those extensions? Why has Firefox suddenly become something you flee from instead of towards?

I’ve switched to Chrome for all of my daily browsing. Firefox is a pig memory wise and is not nearly as fast as Chrome.

Also, this new Chrome beta is significantly faster on Wave. (I use Wave a lot with friends, and get 200+ messages a day… most browsers choke on this.)

Same here.

Firefox does use lots more memory, but in a machine with 4GB where all I’m doing most of the day is browsing and working in Office that’s kind of a non-issue considering all the functionality that big memory footprint provides.

That second part makes sense, but I don’t use Wave extensively yet so it hasn’t been an issue. I use Gmail and other Google apps routinely and although they’re peppier in Chrome I don’t have any trouble using them in Firefox and love the fact that I can use extensions to completely revamp them. I’d rather have slightly laggy Gmail with no ads and attachments tagged with file icons than speedy Gmail without all that.

This was what finally did it for me too. FF has been indispensable for a long while, but Chrome is finally catching up. I finally made the jump because in recent months, FF has become a real pain in the performance department. Granted, I probably have a few too many FF add-ons installed, but on the other hand Chrome is 90% there for me with a mere four extensions, two of which are totally optional.

Having just made the switch today, I can’t say for sure which way the wind will blow, but it looks like all I really need at this point are an inline music player (like Foxytunes) and a NoScript equivalent. FF can be my dedicated webdev tool, if it comes to that.

Edit: Just caught the “fleeing” comment. I don’t feel like I am fleeing anything. (In other words, what Joe said below, but for me it’s mostly performance).

Are we allowed to say because we like Chrome? :) It’s layout - specifically tabs - and its speed beat the hell out of Firefox for me.

I’ll give up my adblock plus and youtube downloading when they pry it from my cold dead hands.

The only time i noticed a speed increase using chrome a while back was on google sites (particularly maps). I also don’t like how they do tabs due to how there is a delay when changing tabs in a high tab situation (i have 14 tabs open now).

Chrome can do adblocking, actually, but maybe you meant javascript blocking.

And you get to type in your filters by hand? How perfectly quaint!

NOTE: I’m only going by that screenshot. I haven’t actually looked into AdThwart.

No, it comes with preset filters but you can add your own.

Brief messing seems to suggest chrome options were inferior. I suppose that is understandable though as extensions for chrome are still young. I had more luck with adblock when checking out a few test sites, but i didn’t spend a ton of time customizing them either. Adthwart’s preset filters seemed pretty bad though (compared to chrome adblock).

Too many tabs is a pretty cool addon though i have to admit.