Official City Wizard fired from New Zealand City after over 20 years of public service

Just great. New Zealand is now doooooooomed!

Damn, I would have provided wizard-like services for a mere 10k a year.

Maybe he was responsible for Jackson doing 3 Hobbit movies. If so he deserves to be fired.

I guess he’s a wizard and not a psychic

He is now a gig-wizard.

A wizard is never late, nor is he early. He is fired precisely when he means to.

Will he come back as the white wizard of Christchurch?

Nah, right now he doesn’t have to work, so I guess he’s having a ball… rog.



I laughed.


You gotta be careful with those guys. One day they’re wage mages, then suddenly the corp or government lays them off? If you’re not careful they’re gonna be running in the shadows.

This is funny until you read his weird comments about women that no doubt had some bearing in him being let go:

In an April screening of channel Three’s comedy current affairs show New Zealand Today, hosted by Guy Williams, the Wizard said he liked to tease women by telling them they were devious, and said “they use cunning to get men who are thick”.

“I love women, I forgive them all the time, I’ve never struck one yet. Never strike a woman because they bruise too easily is the first thing, and they’ll tell the neighbours and their friends … and then you’re in big trouble."

via - New Zealand council ends contract with wizard after two decades of service | New Zealand | The Guardian

Ah, so the wizard is Neutral Evil.

Look man, you can’t expect a wizard to be all that current on these things he’s from magic times.

He was on a comedy show. He may have been trying to be funny.

“Wizards can’t retire. They either have to drop dead, or be outsmarted by some better wizard and humiliated…It’s a hard life, because there’s no support group for wizards.”