Official: Fantasy Memoir '44

So Days of Wonder just released the news. Boardgamenews has the scoop. Sounds pretty cool, but it also sounds like a huge money sink. Lets hope by ‘blister packs’ of cards and troops they don’t mean blind-collectable-style.

Now, should I just jump in and preorder to get the Hill Giant, or resist the urge and just ask fot it for Xmas? November will probably be around when the next wave of HeroScape minis shows up, and these ones finally look cool- I’ve sat most of the last few waves out. I’m planning on this being the last I buy of HS. Do I need a new money sink?

Hell yeah, Memoir '44 is awesome and surely this will too. Days of Wonder is a good company.

Dammit, now I have to clean the drool off of my keyboard.


I just jizzed a little bit in my pants.

Looks pretty cool, though the one figure I saw looked quite a bit like the WoTC Dreamblade miniatures.

Oh lordy.

I sincerely doubt it’ll be blind-collectible – that would run counter to DoW’s philosophy of making its games highly accessible to a broad audience. At least, that’s what I’m hoping. Not like they won’t be able to make a mint off of expansions as it is.

Yeah- hence the term ‘blister backs’ as opposed to ‘booster packs’. I’ve seen companies make stupider decisions, though. The game sounds really neat, anyway- games are ‘Adventures’ instead of ‘scenarios’, you can build and customize your own warbands, etc. It really sounds like they took the system to the next level. Too bad it’s still listed as 2-players or 2-teams. A multiplayer game using the system would have been even cooler.

Some more informatin here:

I’d hate to see what happens when you see a naked woman.

I’m usually not wearing pants when that happens, so not too big of an issue. ;)

There’s a bunch of new info up on the blog that Warning mentioned, if anyone’s interested. The game’s looking good. If only I had the budget for it! Or the time to play.

Looks like it’s not blind collectible, which makes since as unit stats don’t varry so much; I like the figures with exchangeable colored banners scheme. The only downside for me is that it looks exactly like Command & Colors: Ancients (which I already have), except it hints at some (presumably point based) approach to building armies, and freeform deployment.

On a somewhat related note, there’s apparently a card expansion coming for Ticket To Ride in the next month or so.

Card expansion? Huh? What, are they adding more of each color? Or just more tickets? Either way, I can’t imagine expanding TTR in any meaningful way.

Although I am a bit curious about how that Maklin – or whatever it’s called – version handles cargo.


TtR Marklin stacks each city with 1-4 point-valued “passenger markers”, highest value on top. Each player gets 3 passenger pieces with which to pick these up. Whenever you claim a route, you can also put a passenger piece down at either end. As one of your turns you can run your passenger along your route, keeping the most valuable passenger marker from each place you go to, and then discarding your passenger piece. Passenger Cards are also folded into the train deck, and can be used to cross one link of someone else’s track per card.

I like the addition, as it makes the shorter routes sometimes useful, gives an alternate way of scoring, and has a nice racing tension to it.

Coming in late October to the US.

I just got an emal pointing to a BattleLore Primer. Looks pretty sweet. Days of Wonder sure know how to make their games look visually appealing…

Damn, that does look pretty slick. The map looks smaller than C&C:Ancients, which is interesting. Looks like it’s due in december. I almost preordered, but the $70 is steep; I’ll wait for thoughthammer to carry it.

[Edit]Thoughthammer had preorders for $57 after S&H.

The map looks smaller than C&C:Ancients, which is interesting.

BattleLore’s board is apparently doublesided, so if you have two sets you can set up a ‘big’ board (like Memoir).