Official Met_K Yawning Thread

Sit back and enjoy.

Sit back and enjoy what? An empty thread?

you just wasted 2 minutes of my life :evil:

Y A W N !


The Met_K yawn is the best. It really is. It’s like, “stick that in your pipe and smoke it, mister!”

initially when i clicked this thread i thought i would get a Met_K yawn. unfortunately, he hasn’t graced us with one yet (building suspense and drama i supposed. wait for it…)

so i had to toss one in of my own and you are very correct, it just isn’t the same. kinda flat and devoid of any real ooomph.

i am ashamed now. :oops:

“you just wasted 2 minutes of my life”

You might want to invest in some speed reading courses.

By the way, he ain’t gonna yawn here 'cause he doesn’t want to appear as dull and predictable as he usually is. Even the K’ster has shame somewhere deep in that bunghole brain cavity. Somewhere…

Yawn = Met K can’t think of a witty retort to a stinging remark, and thus he feigns that he doesn’t care. Secretly, he’s crying.

Cry, K, cry.

Come on douche weed.

Actually, my yawn’s say this: The frequency at which you exert your collective gasp of hatred for me makes my blood slow to a grinding halt. Such pain, such sorrow, such misery. For the life of me, I cannot understand why! Why! WHY! All I ever wanted to do was appease my fellow quartertothree-goers. But alas, no. I have been riddled and laced with the scorn of a certain gutter-flower. Ugly on the outside, scornful, revengeful, angry at a life unable to live. But on the inside, beautiful. Someone who has a grasp of the English-American grammatical system and a firm hand over just how-to use proper netiquette. Be damned if I do not raise my fist into the air and scream a righteous scream, “Do not berate this anonymous poster! For he has shown me the light! I am truly the pariah that I have been made out to be! A leper! A hermit! A true untouchable; For no one would dare risking the glare of the one who would be the scourge to me. The thorn in my side. The dagger in my back. For lo! You have made me see the err in my ways, and I shall try and correct them for this group of comrades and companions today!”

And so it shall be. Dragging the long, sharp razor of indignation along my forearm, you shall be given your wish! As I slowly seperate the keeper of the soul and the holder of the demons, I shall vanquish whatever plagues me, and finally be the keeper of my whole! And as my body gives a collective gasp and the life-blood pours from my wounds, I shall be giving my all for you. A single, solitary yawn. And then I shall cease to be. Sacrificing myself for the greater good. And a yawn of satisfaction I shall give to my maker.

Woe, my good friend. Woe. For you are correct; I truly am crying inside. I truly am.

He did type the word ‘yawn’ in his last post, which is close enough for me. I consider the thread a success.




Can I use this in my sequel to “Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem”?

Can I use this in my sequel to “Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem”?[/quote]

'Long as you buy me a pint.

They don’t serve Ritalin in pints.