Official UK PS3 Price Revealed: £425!

(If my arithmetic is correct, that’s about US$799!)


Here’s a breakdown of the U.K. premium over U.S. and EU prices:[ul]
[li]£109 more than the U.S. “Premium” PS3: the U.S. price is $599 which converts to £316. Take this away from £425 and you’re left with a £109 premium.[/li][li]£20 more than the EU “Premium” PS3: the EU price is 599 EUR which converts to £405. Take this away from £425 and you’re left with a £20 premium[/ul]Now check out the price when compared to the Xbox 360:[ul][/li][li]£146 more than Xbox 360 Premium: the Xbox 360 Premium is £279. Take away this figure from the PS3’s £425 price and you’re left with a £146 premium.[/li][li]£206 more than Xbox 360 Core: the Xbox 360 Core is £219. Take away this figure from the PS3’s £425 price and you’re left with a £206 premium.[/ul][/li][/quote]

Yeah… but the coblestones in London are made of Gold so no problem really.

Let’s not forget that the UK and Euro prices include 16% VAT. That reduces the difference to the US price to only 58 pounds. Surely that’s not too much for a four-dimensional emotion engine!

That figure only applies if you are German or Spanish. The U.K has current V.A.T. of 17.5% (easy to calculate!) and France 19.6%.
Average EU VAT is 19.04%, if my figures are correct (including new members such as Cyprus).
That reduces the price difference to £34.62($65)UK, or £9.52 ($18) for France (so around £9.20 for the EU).
Either way, as I have already pointed out (other threads) the EU are being marked up a little. Why the hate?

If I’m not totally mistaken the PS2 cost originally around €430 when it was released in Europe. Initial sales were rather slow until Sony decided to drop the price. The Xbox even launched at €479. Surprisingly enough, that didn’t turn out to be a good idea either and the price was quickly lowered, too.


At least I can stay warm and fuzzy knowing that Canada doesn’t get screwed as badly on some prices as other countries. Yay!

That being said, it’s neat to see that this next gen Sony is actually pricing close to the exchange rate. I just wish MS would adjust for Canada. With exchange rate right now I should be able to get an xbox premium for $450, but instead it’s still $500. Wah.

Keep in mind that £425 is about €625, at least according to Google.

Edit: Heh. Seeing as you’re in Berlin, you’ve probably got a better line on that than I do. Whoops.

As others noted this is including VAT, which where I live is 25% (one reason I buy most of my electronics from Germany) and all electronics is more expensive over here - this includes the Xbox 360 and will include the Wii.

Sucks to be us, but it’s hardly news (and the money we save on health insurance can pay for a couple of PS3’s ;)

Sounds like you live in Scandinavia Hanzii. (From the VAT).

We always get screwed on the conversion. I didn’t mind as much when I had contracts out of the US and I was getting 30% more in Canadian bucks, but going the other way we always bend over. Last time I checked Dell was still charging 30% more for their products in Canada even though the dollar is almost $0.90US.

Yeah, no U.S. retailers seemed to have updated their Cdn. exchange rates to reflect recent developments, so it’s a particularly bad time to buy from the U.S. for Canadians.

I think Sweden’s VAT on general goods is 25%, Norway’s is 24% (maybe 25% now), Finland’s is 22%, and Denmark’s is 25% as well.

I’m surprised more EU nations aren’t irritated with Germany and Luxembourg’s lower VAT rate, and individuals easy access to purchases there.

Norway isn’t a member of the EU, so they don’t get to import nice things from Germany to save VAT (of course they do have enough oil billions to buy Sony and have spare change left over to buy Germany too…)

And nations aren’t pissed because free trade is an important part of the reason EU exists… and there’s a lot of nifty restrictions in place. One is that a company needs to be under a certain size to export to private citizens without applying local VAT - ie I can buy from a smallish german webshop in Hamburg but not from Dell Germany. I think the limit is, that if their exports to your country is more than $45.000 a year, they have to apply your VAT.

Yes, VAT is applied according to the recipient’s nationality when mail-ordering from Amazon or the like.

I wasn’t aware that VAT is already so high in many places. Luckily our grand coalition will join the fun shortly and raise German VAT to 19% as well. :(