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Zultar has a new dev journal up about Jupiter’s Forge.


That looks super cool!


I’m still trying to figure out the base game!


Argh, I need to get back to Offworld. That sounds great.


@Island_Dog, on your previous post what does the commenter saying ‘I hope to see a more comprehensive save and loading feature with this one too, we need it, its driving people away’ mean?


Not sure what the poster means - you can save and exit or save and continue during matches.


Zultar has a new features video up today which takes a tour of the new structures you’ll find only on Io in Jupiter’s Forge.

Read the dev journal here…


It’s been a while since I played, so I’m working through the tutorials. This game is so impressive! The gameplay is slick, and the UI is smooth as butter.

I do have one minor UI question, though. I know I can open the Menu by hitting ESC, but is there a hotkey for closing it? ESC doesn’t seem to do the trick. It’s not a big deal, but I love hotkeys. Which is one reason I love this game – there’s a hotkey for just about everything.


I’m still struggling with the base game. I eat Managing Expectations once, but was unable to repeat that accomplishment. Help please! I’ve watched a bunch of YouTube videos and read any strategy guide I could find on the Internet. I desperately want to love this game but at some point I must move onto something else. What am I missing?


Do you pause to take stock (no pun intended) of the situation? I found this helped me wrap my head around the decision making aspect of the game while I was learning. As I got better with that I tried to pause the game less and less for the Daily Challenges and (possibly) multiplayer.

When I return to it I can see myself having to do the tutorials again to shake off the dust.


Words of wisdom, as I had no idea you could pause the Daily Challenges! Once you outgrow the pause, you never come back!


I’m not sure more pausing would help. There’s something fundamental I’m just not getting about the buying and selling of resources. Mostly I’m just trying to switch production around to what seems most profitable at the moment, but I’m not getting how to make money off the market.


I’d recommend posting your replay to the Discord channel:
We have a very friendly community that loves giving advice to new players to give them tips. In fact, they’ve been discussing typical new player mistakes in the #general channel recently:

  1. not using adjacency
  2. going into power too early/worrying too much about early debt
  3. thinking teleportation is the best patent
  4. attempting self-sufficiency
  5. ignoring shipping costs/over committing to remote resources
  6. upgrading when you can be bought out
  7. only playing one HQ
  8. not swapping buildings/swapping too often
  9. over saturating markets
  10. not supporting production with raw resources
  11. getting out of cheap steel at HQ2-3


Lol, that list is like reading my strategy to the game.

I really should invest more time into it and try to break myself of my bad habits. I totally imagine this is the sort of game that once it starts to click, the game opens up and you start to fully appreciate the design.


Like Soren said, the people on Discord are perfectly willing to help (and are definitely better at the game than yours truly), but if you’d rather not go over there you can always post a replay here and I’d be happy to take a look for you.


also, use the replay feature of the Daily Challenge to see how some of the best players are winning their matches. You can then try out their strategies on the same map.


I thought the dialog was spoken during the tutorials. Am I misremembering, because during the first tutorial nothing has been voiced.


You are misremembering.


I thought that was definitely possible :-)


I had forgotten how difficult the Proof of Employment (4th learning challenge) is. I came a lot closer my last try. I think I was diversifying too much. I was the last player to get bought out this time.