Offworld Trading Company from Mohawk Games


thanks! Let me know what you guys think. The new linked, story-based campaigns and the Infinite Challenge should be interesting.


If you get all the DLC from your original purchase, the review won’t count (I learned that from GalCiv 3).


Ah, bummer. We need to send mohawk games cookies or pizza then :)


Can you tell us if more DLC is planned? :)


I’ve learned to always use Sid’s standard reply to whether there will be a Civ X+1 - if people keep buying it, we’ll keep making it!


btw, if you want to try out some of the new expansion features before buying, try the Daily Challenge as it unlocks all of the HQs for everyone (so that it’s a fair playing field). Today, for example, the only HQ available is the Nomads.


I was the glorious winner of Request Wednesday, so Tom will be streaming the expansion at 9pm eastern on 6/14/17.


Couldn’t you have selected Bad Rats? Or Shower With Your Dad Simulator? Or Stellaris?


That’s so unfair, those other games are so much better than Stellaris!



Cool - in case Tom wants to try MP, you do NOT need the expansion to hosted games on Io.


That’s awesome, I love when Devs do that sort of thing.


Did I hear someone suggest a Qt3 OTC multiplayer game? That’s what I think I just heard.


Well, unless Tom is chicken…


I believe Tom Chick(en) said he would be playing the expansion campaign only. ;)




Great movie :)


Tom didn’t even play a game of Gremlins, Inc multiplayer but against somebody who had never been exposed to it before. The odds of an OTC MP game on his stream might be negative.


Jump into multiplayer for a game I haven’t played in months? Yeah, that’s a great way to get reacquainted with a game… I’m looking forward to messing around with the DLC, but if you’ve played Offworld Trading Company, you know it’s a dramatically different game when you can’t pause. Besides, the campaign is one of the game’s best features!

And I’m not sure what you mean about Gremlins Inc. I played the AI when it won Request Wednesday. But I’ve played multiplayer and even did a video of it with a friend of mine:



If I am not mistaken, you can pause in MP if you are the host and allow to change game speed. It might be a great way to annoy your opponents, too.
I agree it won’t change the fact that most people in this thread look like vultures hovering a tasty dish!