Offworld Trading Company from Mohawk Games


Too bad there’s no discount on the DLCs… :(


I forget what I paid for the split founders pack I got in on, but I know it was less than $30, it remains the best gaming purchase I have ever made. So much free DLC.


Jupiter’s Forge confirmed for Thursday, May 18.


The day before Endless Space 2! Gah!


Brad and Soren will be streaming Jupiter’s Forge on Thursday from 2-4pm ET on Twitch.


Haven’t been able to catch any OTC streams for months because of those hours snif


Jupiter’s Forge is released!


And it’s really cool, thanks! (Or hot, considering Io’s volcanic landscape.)


Congrats on the new release @SorenJohnson. Going in on the founders pack has really paid off. I will try to find some time to add reviews for all the dlc.


thanks! Let me know what you guys think. The new linked, story-based campaigns and the Infinite Challenge should be interesting.


If you get all the DLC from your original purchase, the review won’t count (I learned that from GalCiv 3).


Ah, bummer. We need to send mohawk games cookies or pizza then :)


Can you tell us if more DLC is planned? :)


I’ve learned to always use Sid’s standard reply to whether there will be a Civ X+1 - if people keep buying it, we’ll keep making it!


btw, if you want to try out some of the new expansion features before buying, try the Daily Challenge as it unlocks all of the HQs for everyone (so that it’s a fair playing field). Today, for example, the only HQ available is the Nomads.


I was the glorious winner of Request Wednesday, so Tom will be streaming the expansion at 9pm eastern on 6/14/17.


Couldn’t you have selected Bad Rats? Or Shower With Your Dad Simulator? Or Stellaris?


That’s so unfair, those other games are so much better than Stellaris!



Cool - in case Tom wants to try MP, you do NOT need the expansion to hosted games on Io.