Offworld Trading Company from Mohawk Games


That’s awesome, I love when Devs do that sort of thing.


Did I hear someone suggest a Qt3 OTC multiplayer game? That’s what I think I just heard.


Well, unless Tom is chicken…


I believe Tom Chick(en) said he would be playing the expansion campaign only. ;)




Great movie :)


Tom didn’t even play a game of Gremlins, Inc multiplayer but against somebody who had never been exposed to it before. The odds of an OTC MP game on his stream might be negative.


Jump into multiplayer for a game I haven’t played in months? Yeah, that’s a great way to get reacquainted with a game… I’m looking forward to messing around with the DLC, but if you’ve played Offworld Trading Company, you know it’s a dramatically different game when you can’t pause. Besides, the campaign is one of the game’s best features!

And I’m not sure what you mean about Gremlins Inc. I played the AI when it won Request Wednesday. But I’ve played multiplayer and even did a video of it with a friend of mine:



If I am not mistaken, you can pause in MP if you are the host and allow to change game speed. It might be a great way to annoy your opponents, too.
I agree it won’t change the fact that most people in this thread look like vultures hovering a tasty dish!


Chick is a dish best served cold.


How about a Chick vs McMaster OTC series? Are you guys still doing your weekly AoE3 games @tomchick, @Jason_McMaster (/me apparently too lazy to hop over to youtube and check) ?


Oh, I’d be happy to do that!


I’d love to watch that.


Just a reminder that Tom is streaming Offworld Trading Company: Jupiter’s Forge here.


Dear Tom,

  • Don’t sit on unused claims.
  • Build your Steel Mills next to your HQ.
  • Found next to multiple resources, hopefully including Iron.
  • Build at least two of all secondary buildings for the adjacency bonus.
  • Hold down the X key to see what buildings are and aren’t profitable.
  • Turn on auto-supply for youy buildings (you can make this automatic in the options).

A friend


Hey @SorenJohnson, can I have a copy of you when I fire OTC back up again?


No need: OTC Paperclip DLC, coming soon.

“Looks like you’re sat on an unused claim.”


OTC Navi: “Hey Listen!”


I think Tom would respond better to RTS-style barks: “Quit your lollygagging!”


Psssshhhh as if you’d know!