Offworld Trading Company from Mohawk Games


Soren will be streaming on Steam until 4pm ET!


It’s half off on Steam right now. No more games! I must not buy any more games…


Dude, if anything, this is one game that deserves to be owned by as many people as possible. It’s just so special and unique. If you do buy it – and you should – put it at the top of your backlog. Seriously. Just to see how beautifully designed it is if nothing else. I mean I’m terrible at it, but I love it anyway because it’s so fascinatingly great.


Yeah I’ve watched a lot of videos on it and it’s on my wish list. Must resist, must not be assimilated…


Offworld is wonderfully designed and breaks a slew of conventions of the genre.

I’ve been enjoying this tournament series from June.


Awesome. Purchased and remotely installing. This will be fun over the weekend.


I caved and got it (sigh). The problem is that there will be a real colony on Mars before I get to it with my current backlog…


Zultar will be streaming starting around 6:30pm tonight. :)


Yay! Like I said, move it to the top. Seriously.


Listen to Brian. I no longer do the RTS thing, but when I got OTC I put it first. 100% worth it and a unique game.


Going through the tutorials now. They are well done IMHO. Should easily be able to get $10 worth of fun out of it.


I don’t think anyone in this thread is surprised. We all know the four stages of buying a game: denial, anger, posting a Steam sale link, acceptance.



You forgot one Tom … regret!
(not about OTC though)


No regrets so far, but you need to add guilt!


So now we just need constant updates about what you think of the game.

It’s the first RTS I consider genuinely hard in a way that isn’t just due to mechanics (i.e. hotkeys and clicking fast enough).


I love the concept of this game. I hate actually playing it. After several dozen skirmish attempts, on increasingly easy difficulty levels, I think I’m done trying. I won only once, just barely.

I’m just not any good at recognizing whatever is going on in the markets, apparently, since every time I think I’ve got a good thing going the price craters. But the worst problem is the interaction of debt and the black market - I’ll rack up some early debt, then someone will kick my power structures or mines in the balls with the market and my debt will skyrocket, and I’m unable to retaliate since you can’t use the black market with too much debt.


I got stuck on Scenario/Tutorial #4 where you have to play the scientists for the 2nd time I think. Never went back to it, but really liked my time with it. One of these days…


Conspicuous Consumption DLC was released today and brings cosmetic upgrades for advanced buildings with custom art, animations, and audio lines.

More info:


I have recently started playing this game multiplayer with a bunch of buddies, and damn if it isn’t one of the best pc multiplayer experiences I’ve had this year. Competitive economic games are some of my favorites, though most of them are board games. I was wondering, does anyone know of any other pc economic games that are good multiplayer? The more cutthroat, the better!


Great to hear! :)