Offworld Trading Company from Mohawk Games


The new Limited Supply DLC is available today which lets you play over a dozen unique and challenging scenarios about humanity’s settling of Mars and aid the growing colonies to ensure their futures.

Details here:






As a followup, I’m really enjoying these. They are challenging puzzles - much like Blue Chip Ventures - but the environment and market rules provide the puzzle, rather than AI players with big advantages. They have a little narrative colour for spice.

They are really fun puzzles to crack.


I’ve enjoyed both of the ones I’ve completed so far. Took 2 tries on the 2nd, and after a poor placement of my electrolysis reactor I didn’t think i was going to make the sol 6 deadline, but made it under the wire. One thing I like is they really reinforce the idea to repurpose claims for different tasks. With the restrictions on what you can buy and sell, it does make it challenging to complete the puzzles. Definitely worth the $4.99.


Thanks, guys. Glad you are enjoying the puzzles! Not the type of thing we would have done with the game initially, but it works well now that the core game is pretty solid.


I love DLC that expands on the singleplayer aspect of the game (since I will never play multiplayer).

The new DLC is hard (but I haven’t played for a bit, so that was to be expected). Beating a scenario is still very satisfying. It really helps in better understanding the game’s fundamentals, too, which is greatly appreciated.


So far it’s been tricky but manageable (on ‘challenging’ difficulty). I could not manage the ‘challenges’ in Blue Chip Ventures - some of the them seem effectively impossible to me! - so I’m no savant at this game.


We have made some of the loading screen images into wallpapers that you can download for your desktop. :)


Yay!!! Thank you!


The best thing I ever did was being an Elite Founder for this game. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.


Yes, some of the best gaming money ever spent.


Oh nice, thank you! These are great. I love the OTC aesthetic.


Just watched the first game of the Blues - Kat match from the Winter Cup, and will say I’m looking forward to whatever the big announcement is from Mohawk this week (not about Offworld), whatever it is. :)

At this point with anything you are working on it is pretty much:


Please be a Civliizationish turn based 4x, please be a Civliizationish turn based 4x …


or Alpha Centauri’ish?


Personally, I’m really holding out hope they announce a Battle Royale game!!!


Well played, sir.



10 Crowns is an epic-scale turn-based strategy game that lets players create the greatest dynasty in world history.

Sounds good. Guess chances of being Civilizationish 4X is decent…