Offworld Trading Company from Mohawk Games


Very encouraging.


Same here. I can’t believe I doubted OTC before its release. I can’t wait for more details.




What a nice announcement to wake up to as I just get to work! Can’t wait to see how this develops.


Yep, that’s an automatic buy.


Very excited. OTC is a polished gem of a game. I’m looking forward to this next project.


Awesome! I’ve been hoping you’d come back to this type of game. Such good news.


Congrats to you and the rest of the team at Mohawk. Looking forward to playing this.


Agreed. 100%. Day One.


I will only get it if @SorenJohnson can prove he still has a mohawk haircut.


If Mohawk wrapped a turd in phyllo pastry and baked it I am sure it would taste delicious.

That’s the goodwill those guys have with me after OTC. If they do a founders edition concept I would be right in there for another 100 bucks.

Kind of bummed ten crowns seems to be very early in development. I’m not as psyched this year in terms of upcoming releases - this would have made my 2018…


Normally this game is incredibly well polished and bug free. But I did run into some issues on one of the new missions - the ‘Missing Package’ mission, where your robot CEO is being blackmailed into doing some tasks. It seems triggers might be being missed if you complete and objective while the game is paused.

I was able to complete after returning to the mission menu and restarting the mission.


thanks, we’ll check it out


New OTC cast video up today. Community members Rhahi and Deathtacticus face off in the Winter Cup Final.


Is the Kat - Rhahi semi final game up somewhere?


I don’t believe it is. I’ll ask Gameslayer about it and see if I can get my hands on the replays if he can’t get it up.


When showing net revenue for buildings, does that calc include the cost of resources? and does not include shipping?

Edit: I guess it has to at least include the resource cost


“Show Building Net Revenue” does include resource cost unless you’re playing the scientific faction, in which case it assumes your will pull all of the necessary resources from the ground.


So I just played a game where I think my debt was increasing big time due to there not being enough food production (following various changes to get my power in shape), but then I see my greenhouse farms are auto turned off. I turned them back on and my debt started decreasing…? I’m clearly missing or misunderstanding something here! I really should read the alamanac some more.

That particular game also saw me make one hell of a comeback mid-game, later beating the AI.


I’m getting scared with all your practicing