Oh joy! Another conference!


I wonder if this means that I get to go to LA a couple times next year.

Wow! Freeman Companies, Endevor AND Dobson and Associates are going to be there at the same time?!?! I can barely contain my joy!!!

Seems like someone has it in their head that since publishers love to go to E3 every year, the industry would love the opportunity to do it twice!

Only this time, we get to show our stuff to all the gamerz who weren’t quite l33t enough to weasel their way into the Big Show!


This sounds way to good. Screw a ticket for E3. I am going to this show!

Speaking of tickets. Anyone have an idea of how much going from Austin, Texas to LA, Cali. would cost if I purchased it in Jan for May? How do flight rates work? This would be my first time purchasing a plane ticket.

It works like this: Mainstream airports cost a lot of money to fly into and out of. If you can find smaller airports nearby, you can save lots of money.

It costs $360 for a May weekend, nonstop, return flight from Austin Bergstrom to LAX.

It’s $270 if you fly into Orange County from DFW and drive the 35 miles into LA. The price difference is enough to rent a car for a couple days. This is what I would do. (I remember that Orange County was near LA because it was one of the few airports that were programmed into Flight Simulator for C-64.)

[edit: I forgot the word “Car”]

Burbank airport is much closer to downtown than John Wayne (the airport in OC), so if you can get a flight there, try that (Southwest flies lots of planes into Burbank; I think American has several flights as well). You could also try flying into Van Nuys airport (very few flights; it’s mostly for amateur pilots), Santa Monica (same;’ maybe no commercial flights at all) or Ontario (which is about a 45 minute drive from downtown LA). Good luck!

I’ve been trying to figure this out, actually. It’ll cost me $400 to fly into LAX, $300 to fly into Burbank, $270 if I fly into Orange County, right? That’s ballpark, I won’t bother quoting yet.

But if I fly Southwest from Love Field to New Mexico, then New Mexico to LAX, all round trip, I’ll only spend ~$300. This is because of Love Field’s god damn stupid clause that says they can’t fly from Texas to anywhere where people might actually want to fly, so you have to take a layover. You see, the thing that gets me, though, is I would rather take a layover and fly on an airline with a perfect safety record than fly on an airline that’s going bankrupt (American), an airline that -is- bankrupt (United), or an airline that I own stock in (Delta).

$300 is still a lot of money, though. So I’m wondering, whatever happened to all the value airlines? Surely they still exist, right? Gah, it amazes me how one airline can be so much cheaper when flying direct (Southwest) than all the other airlines combined offering their -cheapest- rates. Fuck American, Fuck United, Fuck Delta, I’ll be glad to see them all burn in hell.


I have no idea who any of these companies are.

Yeah, that’s the joke.

Actually, I think it may be pure marketing genius in action: someone out there decided that the 2001 E3 Ion Storm Show should be expanded into an entire conference. I can’t argue with logic like that. While all those sports geeks are gawking at X-Games cheerleaders, the strippers and the prostitutes of LA will tantalize socially retarded gamers of all ages with a variety of off-beat performances to appeal to the unique spirit of gamers.

As an aside, my next door neighbor produced that infamous E3 show. I wonder if his hands are all over this as well.

Will TheNakedReview be there?

That’s what blows me away. Getting into E3 for free is extremely easy, even if you’re not part of the ‘industry.’ Hell, you don’t even need to get a job at EB or Babbages. Ahh well, people will just keep filling message boards with complaints that it’s impossible to get in instead of actually thinking for themselves. hehe

Yeah, that’s the joke.[/quote]

Actually, sadly enough, I know the Freeman companies well; they manage vendor expos and crap like that. Generally, they do a decent job of it, too; it seems to be a great market to be in (huge margins, as in “rent a table for 2 days? no problem, only $250”)

I think they were trying to appeal to the folks at various vendors who actually deal with the logistics of being a vendor at a conference, rather than the gamer audience…


There’s actually been some discussion about this around the office. Mostly derisive, but discussion nonetheless.

Personally, I’m not interested, TYVM. E3 sucks enough out of everybody in the industry, why would we subject ourselves to it again only 3 months later? I should mention that I love E3, BTW.

In the end, I think this will wind up being nothing more than a really big LAN party. EA and Activision will throw a couple bucks at it, they’ll set up a huge LAN with capacity for a couple thousand players and they’ll play BF1942 and MOH and Quake all weekend. Gino’s Pizza will be ecstatic, and Alienware will set up a booth in the corner.


there is gino’s in LA?