Oh my god (of war)

Well I just bought a PSP yesterday and I picked up God of War chains of olympus. This is my first venture into the god of war series so I sat down with my PSP and played it. It was around 7pm when I started. After seeing the credits roll by and the endgame cutscene I looked at the clock to find it was 2:30am, I had been playing for over 7 hours straight! This game was a fantastic experience with beautiful graphics and so many amazing moments (the basilisk was my favourite). The QTEs kept me on my toes and added a level of play I hadn’t seen since shenmue. The controls were tight and intuitive (although my hands cramped up several times). The story line felt a little odd at times but overall it was fairly engrossing. This game comes with my unqualified recommendation, it was worth purchasing my PSP for alone! I also picked up Pata Pon which I am looking forward to tonight.

Any opinions on the game?

I’m sorry, but it’s just too hard to resist with the way this post was written: VM!!!

Yeah, he blew his cover as soon as he said something positive about QTEs.

what’s VM?

Yeah, pretty clearly a Sony plant.

lol thanks guys, good to see some encouragement.

Shut up you goddamn VM.

http://www.urbandictionary.com/ its not much help on this particular mannerism but its still useful

If you liked the PSP version you should go grab the PS2 versions.

Also, should check out the DMC games as well as Ninja Gaidens. The DS Ninja Gaiden out next week actually looks to be another fantastic portable action game. Reviews are rather positive for that so far as well.

i dont have a ps2, the psp is actually my first sony console. i mainly use steam and my 360 for gaming.

this VM sat around since Jan 2007 just to plug GoW PSP.

when i joined this site i had a conversation with tom chick about my getting posting privileges and i wasnt messaged back for awhile so i stopped using the site and then i got back on one day and saw i had privileges.

Viral Marketing/Marketer.

I played the first one, kinda liked it but never had enough interest to pick up the sequel.

I tend to get all irritated every time somebody blathers on about VM infestations, but seriously, a positive QTE review? Greatest since Shenmue?

Burn him at the stake.

thanks gendal. i also liked indigo prophecy and that game was mostly QTEs.

Wht the hell is a QTE?

Quick Time Event if I’m not mistaken.

the Quick Time button thingies…

don’t see the point of Viral marketing for a game that was rated really well.

do some VM for army of two or something.

I didn’t have a clue either until they mentioned Fahrenheit. Quick Time Event.