Oh my god (of war)

yeah its a quick time event, for those who dont know its when a symbol appears on screen in which you have a small amount of time to press a button in some way related with the symbol like an arrow pointing to the left would mean hit left.

it’s DDR!!!

if anybody wants to here a 20 something games journalism prick bitch about QTEs then here you go htt://www.fullyramblomatic.com/

Dude, spelling. Also, punctuation. Finally, capital letters. I’m just sayin’.


Also, proper URLs!

The GoW series is really nothing but a massive illustrative point on just how fucking horrible the Ninja Gaiden games are… and how good they could have been.

Fuck Ninja Gaiden.

VM or not, the dude is right on the money with his evaluation of God of War. Them games are Nietzsche’s wet dream.

Aww crap, you guys missed it and now we’ve got to start the thread over.

What’s a prick bitch?

If I had a unicorn, I’d make myself a McGriddle. I miss his calorie intensive and artery clogging commentary.

PS2s are very cheap these days, and if you like the PSP, the PS2 is like a roomier version of that experience. Only, y’know, with a lot more games and more variety.

No Metal Gear Acid though, alas.

I haven’t played any of the GoW series before either. I have to admit I’m tempted to get this. But buying a game that lasts for 7 hours at full retail isn’t something I allow myself to do very often. I just got patapon for $20, admitedly not as popular, and have played that sucker at least 7 hours and am not even close to done yet. I’m not sure when I started to think about the $ of a game vs. the time I can enjoy it.

Do you feel like you’ll play through it again?

The PSP God of War is no great shakes if you’ve already played a God of War on the PS2. It’s short, pared down, and ultimately pretty forgettable. If you’ve never played a God of War, it would probably seem pretty cool. However, if you’ve never played a God of War, you’re much better off experiencing one of the fuller games on a big screen. The PSP simply isn’t up to the overblown epic fantasy bombast that God of War delivers when it’s at its best.


There are ways of extending the time, like re-playing it in hard mode, and unlocking all the hidden stuff, which is actually pretty fun in the game.

Chains of Olympus only pales in comparisons to the PS2 games, which isn’t really fair. The game is a PSP game, and compared to other PSP games, it’s really in a class of its own.

I don’t think I could disagree more. The PSP God of War is short but outside of that, I thought it was excellent. As a big fan of the PS2 God of War games, I loved the PSP version. It does a great job of porting the scope and combat of the PS2 versions games to such a small screen. It looks wonderful (it’s the best looking portable game I’ve ever seen) and, unlike most portable games, doesn’t attempt to limit the experience in any way but the length of the game.

I should note that they do pull some tricks. For example, you normally don’t fight more than 3 or 4 enemies at once. In larger battles, new enemies spawn in as you eliminate them, a neat little trick to hide that fact.

That said, what you get is a full God of War game that doesn’t fall into the trap of artificially lengthening the game just to keep you there. Those 6 and 1/2 hours were great.

You guys have done a good job of helping this VM get the message out.

Dave, the only reason nobody accuses you of being a viral marketer is that you’re an asshole.

Sarcasm doesn’t translate well over the net. Do we really think this dude is a VM?

BTW, I still love the game. I’ll certainly play it a second time.

I’m new and I thought he sounded suspicious. But then again I might just not like his beady eyes.