Oh no! AOL Music is done!

I didn’t even know they had a music service.

It’s not a music service, it’s a shitty website about music. Music news, reviews, etc. AOL purchased Spinner (which was decent) back in the early 2000s and proceeded to kill it. The AOL way.

Hell, I didn’t even know AOL was still around, although I guess I’m not totally shocked. I just lost all curiosity about them. For a while, I missed a few features they had, and a few friends I made there, but that passed quickly. LOL, For my first couple years online (around 1996), AOL was the internet as I knew it (at around $130 per month-on dial-up of course).
I quit them sometime before 2000, and a few years after that, I quit hearing about them altogether. It’s been years since I last read anything about them, until just now.