Oh no! Judy Tenuta has died

I was a big fan of her bizarre humor in the 80s, I don’t know what she’s been up to in recent years but I’ll miss her.

Still pretty damn funny.

Man, that takes me back. I guess I hadn’t realized that she was nearly doing Andrew Dice Clay’s schtick, but earlier and actually funny, on account (in part) of her simply not being a dude.

Holy shit, I ADORED her. Was following her on Facebook and everything, and she’d been posting regularly until recently I suppose. Fuck I am so sad.

There seems to be some confusion about her age. According to her bio, she was born in November '56. Which by my math would’ve made her 65, not 72.

She apparently had even claimed she was born in '65 too. She was born in '49. She’s from the era where women didn’t talk about their age.

RIP. She was so funny. One of my two favorite accordion-bearing comedians.

What a character she was.

A week or so someone I follow on Twitter mentioned that if anyone could use some prayers, it was Judy Tenuta. Saw her name trending on Twitter last night and was like “Aw. Shit.”

I love that she kept her real age secret her entire career, to the point that the first news stories of her death had her age all over the map originally.

I have been known, to this day, to use the phrase (in appropriate bass) unless you push real hard at any moment where it is even tangentially related to whatever someone just said.