Oh, no! There's something missing on the new Xbox!

			    Oh, no! There’s something missing on the new Xbox!
			      Nick Diamon, April 16, 2019
			         | News              

Microsoft has announced the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition console. It’s the same as the current Xbox One S, but with one big difference. There’s no physical media player. Just like the name implies, the budget console is meant for gamers willing to give up discs and go all-in on virtual consumption. Buyers of the new console will get $50 off the price of the regular Xbox One S, putting pre-orders at a svelte $249.99, in exchange for giving up their game resale rights. To sweeten the deal, the All-Digital comes bundled with Sea of Thieves, Minecraft, and Forza Horizon 3.
Gaming and technology have changed quite a bit since the first Xbox debuted in 2001.
The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will be available starting on May 7th. Oh, for the bygone days, when gamers lost their minds at the idea of an Xbox that required an online connection!


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I get that this is for extremely price sensitive customers… but $50 doesn’t seem like enough of a price break to make it worth it. Especially when you consider how often we’ve seen the Xbone S for $200. And couldn’t they have at least thrown in the most recent Horizon game?

I’m not explicitly against the idea, but the execution could use some work.


The pricing on it is bad. Since the console will force users to buy games through Microsoft’s store, and I assume they make plenty of money that way, they should subsidize these to make them more attractive. Fifty dollars isn’t really worth having to give up brick-and-mortar bargains or my friend’s borrowing library.


Jeez, how stupid do you have to be to just forget to put an optical drive in a device? What a bunch of morans.


I’m not sure that price sensitive customers is what they had in mind for this… I believe they are just testing the waters to see how successful a online only console will play out. Whats worrisome for me is that this will work since the majority of the population is in big cities where access to fast internet is cheap and accessible, therefor their sales will still look good. The problem is people living in small towns with no good internet options are going to be left in the dust.

This concept also completely crushes actual price sensitive customers who can invest in a semi-expensive console as long as they only buy used games from pawn shops and yard sales for a few $ here and there. I’ve never paid for a new release $60+ game and probably never will, thus I will probably be left in the dust as a gamer if everything goes to online sales only.


Like I said in the other XboneSD thread, don’t think of it as $250. Think of it as $50 cheaper than a XBoneS.