Oh shi

FOX News is running a story about a kid who has made a Counter-Strike mod that simulates him running around his high school killing his classmates.

Pack up your PCs and consoles now friends, our hobby is over.

Do you mean this story?

Yeah that looks like the one.

Don’t take it so seriously: it’s only FOX. :-)

Only laziness prevented me from making a Q3A map of my dorm building.

It would have been a really good map, 3 floors, each with a central bathroom, a nice multiply connected ground floor, too, with a cute little kitchen. Rocket launcher spawn goes behind the bike rack, I think.

Making FPS maps of daily environments is practically required. Didn’t Half-Life have an Easter Egg map of its offices, where you could kill detailed models of Valve employees?

Action Quake (a Quake 2 mod) had several school maps. Some very good maps. I liked crawling through the air ducts, room to room. And the gymnasium with working trampoline was fun.

Ah, the memories…

Now I have pick up my AK and go kill some real people!


People are lazy, so I think the first maps people make when they get the tools are maps of places that they’re familiar with. When you’re a teen, that means your house, your neighborhood, and your school.


OMG, did you hear that 20th Century Fox made a movie featuring a terrorist takeover of their corporate headquarters building?

  • Alan

One of my old jobs was in the former World Trade Center, and we used to play Half-Life DM regularly after work. We got CAD files for our floor so we could build a DM level based on it, but couldn’t figure out any way to import it into Worldcraft. For obvious reasons, I’m bummed we never got it working.

This is stupid, but so is the kid that did it. Sure, you should be able to make and play whatever damn map you want in whatever game you want… but making a map of your current school and not expecting your school to over react when they find out? Pretty silly.

The schools peeps are very much on edge.

I made a Quake 2 map of my campus for a class project (Computer Graphics 101). I mentioned this in my resume. In a job interview couple of months back (right after the Dawson shooting in Montreal) they actually asked me about it. Although I’m not sure, I think it might be the reason I didn’t get the job because I was very well qualified for that position.

Really? Thats insane! They didn’t hire you based on the fact that you are SO well qualified for a job I"m guessing involved in computers, solely on the fact you had the skills to make, what I"m going to assume is a very accurate recreation of your Campus, while in the school that didn’t mind?

Thats crazy.

And Our hobby, she is over.

Well, how else do you expect kids to train for future school shootings. They’ve gotta learn somehow, people.

Yeah, target practice at the shooting range and hunting in the woods at age 12 with their parents is totally failing to adequately prepare them.

I heard Raven made a map of their own offices for SOF2. They’re crazy!

Jesus, you sound like a 14-year-old.

Whitta totally wished to be big at the fortune telling machine and instead it made him tall and old.

They did, you beat me to it.

When I was pursuing my programming degree I went and toured their offices and spoke with Mike Crowns. A little while later I bought Soldier of Fortune 2, and played some multiplayer on install. That first session, the second map I played was the map of their office. I thought it was a pretty fun idea, and I also had the unfair advantage of knowing the layout.

Jesus, you guys. Overreact much?

That’s what online forums are for.