OH SNAP! I'm married!

So, uh… I tied the knot on 5/13 in a small northern californian town in front of a beautiful lake side pavilion with great food, attended by around 50 some odd family members and family friends…

go me? :)

fyi … wedding money gifts rule! new couch here we come!

see ya on 5/30, when i return from honeymoon in italy! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

I think anyone who mentions getting a new couch is obligated to let McMaster drag them around on the old one until it catches fire. It’s some kind of law.

Also, congrats!

You’re gonna need these phrases, then:

Stronzo - Turd.
Larva umana - Wimp.
Vaffanculo - Screw yourself.
Tuo padre e un pollo - Your father is as smart as a chicken.
Spogliati - Take off your clothes.
Piu piano - Slower
Piu in fretta - Faster

and finally,

Questo pasto mi ha dato mille tonnellate di gioia, ma sono pieno fin sopra la testa. - This meal has given me metric tons of joy, but I’m stuffed to the gills.

Oh, and teach your wife:

Non mi tocchi, fa schifo! - Don’t touch me, you’re disgusting!

None of who actally knew either of you - they just happened to all be related to each other and decided to see what was going on.

awesome… thanks! :)


this should be handy for the basics, hehe

In what way were they odd?

In other news, the 3 rings of marriage:

Engagement Ring
Wedding Ring
and SuffeRing!


I love being married. Congrats!


Congrats, Kunikos. Small weddings are the way to go.



Yeah. Mine had 260 guests. And I don’t remember it all that well, but I’ve got the DVD. On the other hand, being a Chinese wedding, most of the wedding gifts came in the form of money so it turns out to be more or less self-financing.

There were 3 people at my wedding…my wife and I were there, and so was the probate judge.


Which wedding traditions did you observe?

Standard Vows vs Personalized
Garter toss
(fake) Bride bouquet toss
Cake Sharing - peaceful or aggro?
Money Dance

I missed dozens and dozens I’m sure.

What’s the money dance?

A polish wedding reception tradition, also known as the dollar dance. Popular in Nebraska for some reason, many weddings around here feature them.

The idea is that the groom and bride announce they will dance with all comers, with the best man and maid of honor respectively collecting some money from each person in exchange for a minute or two of dancing. It’s often done as a competition, with the DJ exhorting people to support their favorite (usually their family member), and public annoucement of the totals for groom and bride at the end.

A fun aspect of the competition is that all of the guys who want to support their buddy the groom usually end up dancing with him, and ditto for the girls wanting to support the bride. So the audience gets to laught at all the awkward same sex dancing, and the couple gets some extra cash.

Standard vows, very short ceremony
No garter toss or bouquet toss
Peaceful happy cake sharing
Lots of dancing to funk music!

PS I’m back and I’ll put up some pictures of myself and my bride & some from Italy once I find some web hosting…

Congrats and welcome back! Just to catch you up, I’m the new pariah. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.

The money dance I’ve seen most recently at a Greek wedding in New York involved people just tossing tons of bills AT the bride and groom as they danced together and with other partners. By the end of the dance, the floor was covered with money and staff came out with special little brooms and baskets to collect it all for the newly weds. There was no real competition. It was like a really bad strip club performance where nobody got naked (thankfully).

And remember, The Money Dance should under no circumstances lead to The Money Shot.